The Simple But Sensational Art Of Making And Decorating With Paper Lanterns

Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of us but we are just not aware of it and even if the idea lingers on the periphery of our mind, we dismiss it as too difficult or expensive.  One of the main concepts that strikes us with regard to apt decoration for any occasion is the use of lights. We often wish we had the wherewithal to change the way the light reflects in keeping with the occasion but may back out from this idea due to the expense. One of the ways of making the art of decorating with lights for all occasions to work for us is by learning how to make paper lanterns.

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The fact is that each of the spaces in our homes can benefit from apt lighting to make the most of the space. This includes even the outside spaces and that is why you need to learn about the many different ways of lighting your terrace. There are many charming garden lighting ideas to make your eve a moment and this is something that can benefit from using paper lanterns.

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The first thing you need to understand about paper lanterns is that in most cases, the paper lantern is not made to last forever. In addition, another caution you have to remember is that since paper is highly inflammable, it is best not to place a lit candle or lamp to light up a lantern. The exception to this is if you can, light up the lantern using a fire source within is to place it within a glass container, or some form other transparent container and then put it inside the lantern.

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Once you have these basic cautions in your mind, you can proceed to look at the various concepts that are given here to make paper lanterns. In most cases, you will need raw materials that you will require would be chart paper, some bits of soft wooden sticks, glue and some materials to create the design on the lantern along with a pair of sharp scissors. You can approach the concept of paper lanterns in many ways. You can use some origami ideas to cut out paper patterns that are commonly used there and stick two of them together.

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This can then be stretched to form a circle within which you can place the light source inside to form a lantern. Another way in which you can form a paper lantern is by sticking a solid base with some icecream sticks and then wrapping the paper around these sticks to make a lantern. The light sources can be placed within the structure to make a paper lantern. You can use various colored papers to form the paper lantern. Another way in which you can make the concept work is by adding some spangles and shiny glitter on to the paper lantern.

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You can also add paper streamers to the paper lanterns that you make to add another dimension to them. This is a very good craft that can be used to encourage kids to use recycled materials to make simple things around the home. A simple way to make the paper suitable enough to create lanterns is by stiffening newspapers by sticking several of them to one another one on top of the other to make it as thick as chart paper.

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Another approach to paper lanterns is to make small lantern like structures with different colors that you can place on string lights to change the whole look. This is a simple but fun to make the festive season even more colorful.


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