Works Of Art Created Using Marker Pens

We are sure that you did a double take once you read the title to be sure that you are reading what you are reading. Yes, we have taken the marker pens out from the dry and often boring corporate world and on to the interesting world of art. It makes sense that marker pens should make their mark (pun intended) on the world of art. After all, if crayons, pencils, paints, and sketch pens could find a place in the world of art, then why not marker pens? It does have a lot to offer being more robust and sometimes easier to use.  You can explore the 12 best online websites for inexpensive art to get your quota of inspiration.

marker art 1

marker art 2

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marker art 4

As you explore the world of art on the whole, you will find beautiful drawing pencil sketches and art examples that will have you reaching for that marker pen. There are many ways to decorate different places and this will inspire you try your hand at marker pen art. If you are still not sure, know all about pub decoration to get ideas on caricatures etc. using marker pens.

marker art 5

marker art 6

marker art 9

marker art 10

Actually when you think about art using marker pens and look at the images that we have provided, then you would be astounded and also confused about why we did not think of this in the first place? The thing about marker pens is that they offer a thicker and more rich rendition of colors and this can come in handy when it is in the hands of the right artist.

marker art 11

marker art 12

marker art 14

marker art 13

Here Are Some Ways That You Will Find That Art Made Using Marker Pens Is Remarkable:

Lusher and thicker: One of the things that we can all agree about when it comes to art using marker pens is that the strokes that are produced are definitely lusher and thicker. If you are wondering what difference it makes to the final work of art, then all you have to do is look at the images given here. You will realize that lusher and thicker strokes give a richer and more complete feel to the final artwork.

marker art 15

marker art 16

marker art 17

marker art 18

Better control: Since we are using a pen here instead of brush to apply color, it translates to better control in terms of how you apply color, create shades and textures in your work of art. This means that this kind of control will also make the work of art that you produce as near to your imagination as possible, which any artist will confirm is a real blessing.

marker art 19

marker art 20

marker art 22

marker art 21

Great illustrations: If the work of art that you are working on is something like a fashion illustration, then having rich and easy to use color that offers good control on the strokes can really be a real blessing. Not only for fashion illustrations, but also other forms of illustrations can benefit from the availability and use of such a color medium.

marker art 24

marker art 25

Awesome abstracts: If your preferred form of art is creating abstracts and you are still not too confident about using brush and colors, the use of marker pens can be a good alternative. We are sure that you will enjoy the superior confidence from knowing that the  application of colors in your abstract is easily in hand and you can retain complete confidence.

marker art 26

marker art 27

While we are sure that the use of simple words is never enough to completely consider the impact of something as vast as art, we would like to know your thoughts on art using marker pens. We would really like to hear from you.


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