30 Beautiful Oil Pastel Art and Paintings

In case you are on lookout for a fine art medium that is neat, easy to carry around and effective in usage then you may consider that use of oil pastels for art and paintings. It is true that oil pastels that expert artists use comes at a higher cost but they are not as expensive as soft pastels. The best part is that you can use them on any surface. It is also true that makers have their own binder formula, it is also true that are lesser types.Oil pastels come in different grades – Student grade, artist grade and scholastic grade. The difference in these tend to be in terms of how much binder is used, how finely the pigments are ground up, the quality of the pigment itself, how hard or smooth they are along with lightfastness. These qualities dictate the outcome of the final outcome of the art work you are creating. The use of lesser quality colors means that they may fade or discolor over time or due to exposure to elements of nature.

You will find that the seemingly expensive artist grade oil pastels may turn out to be an economically sound decision in the longer run. You will find that the high amount of pigment means that lesser and thinner applications can cover more area. You need to do your research and ask around to arrive at the one that will work for you.

Since art and the style of art is personal, it is only you who can determine what works for you in terms of texture. You will find that you can fit good quality paints in your budget by carefully buying them when they are offered on sales or discounts etc. Once you have done all the homework enjoy the process of creating the art. Here are some beautiful examples of Oil Pastel Art and Paintings.

Guyver in oil pastels

Gag 3

Horsey Windmill

Eye Of Sauron

Marc Chagall

Bethany Bryant

Woman In Red And Yellow

First love… and oil.

woman lying down, No. 763

Wildflower Garden Girl

Concentration before performance

Oil Pastel Obsession

Sitting ballerina

Young Stallion at a Gallop, abstract equine art by Carol Engles

Variety show girl in oil pastel depiction

Follow me

Whispering Eagle

Priez Pour Lui (Pray for Him)


Oil Pastel Practice

The Art Of Grace

Alone with my thoughts

Oil Pastel Drawing

Oil Pastel Owl 1

An angel in pastels

Solid snake oil pastel

Oil Pastels – Creation

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