Printmaking – Find Out How It Makes Art More Accessible

Art is something that is meant to be enjoyed by all but often this is not possible as works of art are not accessible to all. In some cases, this could be the case when art is owned privately and in some others having access to art is limited by geographies and locations. If you are wanting to look at the most famous paintings in the history of mankind, and feeling restricted by time and place, then printmaking could be a boon for you. If you are wondering, what printmaking is then we will explain to you. it is the process of taking original art and making a print of it on another surface, which is in most instances paper.

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If you are thinking printmaking is art forgery over the years and how we can ascertain it, then you can rest easy as that is not the case. Therefore, if you are in a mood to own some of the artworks of 10 well known stars but unknown as artists, then going for a print could be the way to do it.

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Here Are Some Salient Points And Features That You Should Know About Printmaking:

Not the exact replica: If you are thinking printmaking is the same as or equivalent to photocopying, then that is not the case. In fact, the process is different and a lot more complex than that and it uses a complex process to produce the print. The print is created by using a matrix or a screen on to another surface to make the print. The matrix used for this process could be made of different materials like zinc, metal or plates made of polymer.

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Different from photos: This could be another misconception that people could have about printmaking. However the fact is that printmaking will not produce copies of the original like those produced through photography. To an expert in art, it would be easy enough to discern the differences between the product of printmaking and that of a photo.

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Varied surfaces: If you thought printmaking used only paper as the surface to create a print, then you would be mistaken. Silk and other fabrics can also be used for printmaking. The many ways in which the printmaking process works and the surface used would make a difference to the final product that you get from this process.

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More expensive: Normally printmaking moulds or the matrix that are used for a version will be destroyed once the process is over. This would ensure that you do not have innumerable versions of the same artwork floating around. A good print would have a higher price than a photo of the work of art. People, who are interested in owning art but cannot afford to buy the original work, often find themselves being attracted to prints. One cannot deny the class that prints add to the décor of a place in spite of being a bit expensive.

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The thing is, the process of printmaking is not as simple or as easy as clicking away at a piece of art to make a copy or even to make a colored photoco However, this process ensures that the integrity of the artwork is ensured. Even within the process of printmaking, you will see many types of techniques that are used. Some of these techniques and methods can be traced back to different areas from which they originated.

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We as art lovers, should be grateful for techniques and processes like these that enable us to enjoy the really big and famous works of art and even own them without spending a huge fortune.


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