12 Crafts For Kids Using Paper Plates

Baseball Clock: This is a great idea for making clocks and learning how to tell time, just  by using something as mundane as paper plates.

Black Cat: This is a great idea to use for Halloween decorations and will be the delight of kids once they get the hang of it.

paper plate penguin

Penguin with Happy Feet : When it comes to cute, nothing can beat the penguins and this is one paper plate craft idea that will even have adults delighted.

paper plate celestial angel

Celestial Angel: A great idea for the festive season that can be used to decorate the Christmas tree to great effect.

paper plate craft birds in the nest

Little birds in the nest: This may not be such a simple project but kids will love it when you help them put this together.

paper plate craft holy spirit dove

Dove of the Holy Spirit: This not only is a great project but can also be used to drive home the lesson of spirituality.


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