The Art Of Creating Beauty With Thread Work

Art has had a big influence in our lives and one of the ways art has affected many aspects of our lives is by having an influence on the mundane. It has the tendency to take the mundane and making it into a work of art. The use of thread in various forms of art is something that has become part of our life. That is why there are many options for those who want to dabble in art while still being practical. There are many simple sewing projects for amateurs that people can try to get started in this kind of art.

The fact is sewing has produced many works of art throughout history that have been sometimes preserved over the ages for the future generations to view. That is why if you feel inclined to this kind of work, you should be proud of it. You have complete sewing patterns review and how useful they are for people who are into this kind of thing. This may not seem too much like art to connoisseurs but it is a good way to refine your skill. After all, you will need to master the art. If you are still looking for inspiration then you should look at vintage crochet patterns and how pretty they are even today.

Here Are Some Examples Of Art With Thread Work:

 threadwork embroidery

threadworkembroidery 2

threadworkembroidery 3

threadworkembroidery 4

Embroidery: This has been an art that uses thread in the most innovative way to make patterns that stand out especially when it is done by hand. Those who are expert in embroidery, not only create lovely patterns on clothing but go so far as to make wall decorations just by embroidering on the canvas or cloth.

threadwork tatting 1

threadwork tatting 2

threadwork tatting 3

threadwork tatting 4

Tatting: This is a process which helps you produce lace like clothing and bits by knotting the thread. This requires a lot of skill as the patterns once created cannot be unravelled to correct mistakes; you only have one chance to create a pattern.

threadwork crochet 6

threadwork crochet 1

threadwork crochet 9

threadwork crochet 10

Crochet: This is a relatively easier way to create art using hook like needle and some colored threads as this form of creating lace like patterns can be unravelled if you get part of the design wrong. This is not only used for garments but also for things like furniture covers etc.

threadwork knitting 1

threadwork knitting 2


threadwork knitting 4

Knitting: This is the art of using woolen thread to create warm and beautiful garments. The art of knitting has been a lovely way of creating warm clothing only with a pair of knitting needles and woolen thread.

threadwork weaving 1

weaving 5

weaqving 8

weaving 10

Weaving: Weaving has not only been used to create clothes, but also other impressive bits of decoration like carpets, rugs and wall hangings. This art may be mechanized in today’s world but even today the most expensive and exclusive works of such type are made by hand.

threadwork jewelry 1

threadwork jewelry 3

threadwork jewelry 4

threadwork jewelry 6

Jewelry: The use of thread has also been made to not only create clothing or other items of decoration around the home but also for personal effects like jewelry. The fact is thread work is an important part of art in the creation of many bits of jewelry.

When you take a stroll through the lanes of history, then you will see that threads in different forms to create garments to wear and other items for decoration around the home. Even today, in many tribes and cultures around the world, such skill using thread to create beautiful works of art is highly priced. There are artisans who hold this art close to their heart and passed on from generation to generation. These works of art and products made by thread fetch a huge price in the market and highly valued.


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