50 Things You Don’t Need To Know

Life is full of many wonderful things and you can spend a lifetime in the quest for knowing all about the wonderful things out there and still never exhaust all the things that you need to know about. The addition of wonderful aspects in life like art take things to the next level and add many dimensions to our learning and appreciation of the sensual side of life. By sensual aspects, here we mean things that appeal to our sense of things like touch, smell, feel and look. Take these beautiful coffee art examples, which while fleeting, leave us with the impression of a great smell and impressive looks.

There is art from junk, which is art in recycling form that shows us that even things that are going waste can be transformed into something that is enjoyable in every form. That is why all artists ought to know what are moleskines and why it is essential for artists to have one. While up until now, we have talked about things that we ought to know, this article is all about things that you do not need to know at all. Why do you not need to know about these things? Because these things are not that impactful in the bigger scheme of things.

Here Is A List Of Such Things:

As Most Of Things Here Will Start With The Words “Did You Know?”, We Are Not Going To Add Them To Each Thing That Is Revealed –

rubber bands

The best way to make rubber bands last longer is to keep them in the refrigerator.

Dynamite also has peanuts in them as one of the components.

A dollar can be changed in 293 ways.

 left hand typing

More than 50% of typing is done by the left hand.

Sharks are the only Pisceans that can blink with both eyes.

Chickens overshadow people in numbers.

One syllable with in one word in English is screeched.

The Canadian 2 dollar bill has the American flag over the parliament building.

 pulp fiction

In “Pulp Fiction” all the clocks are at 4.20.

There are no words in English to rhyme with orange, month, purple or silver.

Only four words horrendous, tremendous, hazardous and stupendous end with dous.


12 muscles can be found in the ear of a cat.

The brain of an ostrich is smaller than their eye.

Dreamt is the only word in English that ends with mt.

  almonds 2

Almonds are part of the peach family.

The tiger has stripes on the fur as well as skin.

 watches showing time as 10.10

In ads that have watches in them the time always shows as 10.10.

The business card that Al Capone had showed that he was  a dealer of furniture.

Bert and Ernie are character names picked out from the “It’s a wonderful life”.


The dragonfly can live as long as one to six months.

The largest eyes of a being belong to the giant squid.

The memory of a goldfish is only three seconds.


You cannot sneeze with both eyes open.

The speaker in England is not allowed to speak.

 microwave oven

The invention of a microwave happened after a researcher melted a chocolate by chance when he walked by a radar tube.

An average person can fall sleep in seven minutes.

The golf ball has 336 dimples on it.

Most people eat as many as 8 spiders during the course of a night.

A cockroach can survive for 9 days without a head and then succumbs to starvation and dies.

 polar bear 2

The skin of a polar bear is black and the fur is clear not white.

The twin brother of Elvis was named Aaron and he died at birth.

 donald duck 3

Donald duck was banned in Finland for not wearing pants.

More people die due to donkeys than due to plane crash.

Stewardesses can be spelled using only the left hand while typing


Assassination and bump were invented by Shakespeare.

Marilyn Monroe had six toes in one foot.


Keeping a goldfish in a dark room will turn it white.

Men blink half as much as women.

Right handed people tend to live as much as nine years longer in average than left handed people.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog is a sentence that has all the alphabets of the English language.

All continents have names that start and end with the same alphabet.


Typewriter is one word that is long and typed from letters from one row in the keyboard.

Kayak and racecar are same read from both directions.

Snails can sleep for 36 months.

american airlines 2

American airlines saved as much as 40000 dollars by just removing one olive from the salad they served.

A dentist invented the electric chair.

vatican city

With a population of 1000 people and 108.7 acres, Vatican City is the smallest country.

The shortest sentence in English is “I am”.

No president of USA was an only child.

There are eight insects’ legs in most average chocolate bars.


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