Art With Crystals – A Collector’s Dream

Have you come across collections of crystal art that you have been absolutely fascinated by? It often happens that we come across things that fascinate us but do not make the effort to find more about it because we think it is beyond our means. That is the case when you come across chandelier crystal that really seems beyond our reach. But let us start with some basics. First of all there is some confusion regarding crystals, since both cut glass as well as natural stones are called crystals. And it is only right since taken from the artistic point of view both of them are crystals. But one is extremely skillfully made glass ware that we use on our tables for eating, on our chandeliers for decoration and other pieces that we use for enhancing the look of our homes. The other one is found in nature and is carved and polished to its fullest glory to be used for jewelry, for decoration as well as ritualistic and therapeutic uses. Sometimes looking at crystal art is quite akin to the amazing works of art created by blowing glass.

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In fact some pieces of crystal art may have actually been inspired by some remarkable examples of stained glass art over the ages, since they are inspiring indeed. The same thing can be said for glass painting pattern ideas and designs too. In fact if you have seen the beauty of a lovely woman in the light of a pink crystal chandelier, you will always have this fascination for crystal art.

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Normally art involving natural crystal would be more to do with the way you see the piece of crystal shaping up. An artist who works with crystals and creates crystal art will have to have a subtle imagination. It cannot be something that can be obvious and in your face as crystal itself is the kind of substance that works well with subtle handling. Crystal art can also consist of jewelry like an oddly shaped pendant that is beautiful in spite of its asymmetry or may be due to this very factor.  Anyway when it comes crystals and gems it all becomes a matter of personal choice. However, today we can see many people wearing crystal pendants not only for the look but also the healing qualities they are supposed to have.

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Since crystal is pretty rare in its natural form and is believed to have many qualities that are known to enhance qualities in us, improve our ways of thinking, help you concentrate and even cure some of the ailments that affect us. Some crystals are so rare that they are considered very precious. Crystal arts, both in terms of appreciation as well as owning something is bit of a niche that not all are into. But even those who keep insisting that they are not interested in this art cannot remain unmoved when they visit crystal art gallery or receive one of those crystal plaques.  You know what we mean when we say that; crystal plaques engraved with your achievements are a testament to your triumphs.

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When it comes to the other type of crystal that is the kind that is made out of glass and used, one may assume that this cannot be all that expensive. But actually since this kind of work takes a lot of effort, skill and since it is also a dangerous kind of work, this type of crystal can also be pretty expensive. If you have any doubts about this kind of work being considered art, then all you have to do is look at the kind of work that goes into making a chandelier and you will know it does comes under the purview of art.

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Another thing that is popular when it comes to this type of crystal and qualifies as art is perfume flacons. Some perfume flacons are made with such care and the crystal work that goes into it qualifies it as a collector item. There is so much skill and work that goes into this kind of art is sometimes you pay for not only the perfume inside the flacon but also the beauty of the perfume bottle.

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So the next time you go out looking for art works to collect, you can consider investing in crystals either the type that is natural or the ones that are made of glass. This will depend on where your interest lies. But no matter what type of crystal art you decide to go with, you will find that both are expensive and also need careful handling.

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