Art From Junk – Recycling In Art Form!

Converting broken bits of crockery into a mosaic that can be used as a wall decoration. This is something that will look colorful and is really easy for anybody to undertake.

art from waste 11

art from waste 12

Using icecream spoons into an art project by making a box or something else out of it. This is something that will be really easy and can even be done by small kids without much supervision.

art from wasste 13

art from waste 14

Convert the old pockets of jeans and skirts into a holder for bills and letter. This is a simple project but cannot be done by kids alone. An adult will have to be involved to sew things together in a proper manner.

art from waste 15

art from waste 16

Make a rag doll with old clothes, string, wool bits and buttons. This is an art project that can be done in a group with adult and kid participation. It is good use of all those bits and pieces that are left lying around the home.

art from waste 17

art from waste 18

Sculpt bits of candles left into the house to make a figure. This may take a higher level of skull and will involve the use of heat to melt the wax but is a project that can really be fun.

art from waste 19

art from waste 20

Once you have started thinking on the lines of converting the junk that is lying around the house into works of art, you will find that there is no end to ideas. All you need is some things like glue, some scissors, buttons, needle, thread and other assorted things along with a good imagination to get going. The only thing about this kind of project that you have to keep in mind is not go overboard with it.

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