Art Of Carving Fruits And Vegetables

Making vegetables more palatable: Many a toddler has been persuaded to eat their veggies when presented to them with a better look. Many a party has become more interesting with salads that look so yummy that you are almost loath to eat them as they are so pretty.

fruit carving 13

fruit vegetable carving 14

fruit vegetable carving 15

Bouquets made of vegetables and fruits anyone? Traditionally a bouquet consists of flowers and they are definitely pretty but what if you want to give someone special something offbeat? Plus a bouquet of vegetables means that you like them and want them to have something healthy to eat.

fruit vegetable carving 16

fruit vegetable carving 17

fruit vegetable carving 18

As you can see vegetables and fruits in all their humble glory have also managed to make their presence known in the world of art. You may not be able to save this work of art forever as it is perishable but that not should be too major a factor to deter you. In today’s world it is easy enough to preserve a image of the art you have created for later enjoyment and it also helps that this form of art is pretty cheap when it comes to raw materials and also has the practical aspect of being eaten apart from being enjoyed by the visual senses.

fruit vegetable carving 19

fruit vegetable carving 20

fruit vegetable carving 21

The next time you are hosting an event, you could consider a centerpiece of art made up of vegetables and fruits. Not only will your guest enjoy feasting their eyes on this work of art, they will also actually enjoy feasting on them!


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