Art Of Carving Fruits And Vegetables

Did you ever think of a salad or a basket of garden produce as potential raw material for a work of art? Actually, this question should not come as a surprise as there is an art to it and people do spend a lot of time learning to do this properly. In fact, this should not be at all something new and unknown to you given that there is the art of flower arrangement and the beauty of it. Or that other things like ice is used to create ice sculpture and when you know more about them, you will respect the work that goes into it even more.

fruit vegetable carving 1

fruit vegetable carving 2

fruit vegetable carving 3

Or that something as mundane and simple as butter or even something as everyday as paper is used for art. In fact, you should only take a look at origami – the interesting art of folding paper to make shapes to know that there is definitely an art form to it. Coming back to the art of carving fruits and vegetables, you should know that people actually attend courses on how to get this right; it is not just about picking up a kitchen implement and getting started. Having said that, you can actually get started on doing that and you will be stunned at the potential for art that can be found right in your kitchen.

fruit vegetable carving 4

fruit vegetable carving 5

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Here are some factors that you may find interesting about fruit and vegetable carving:

The origins: There is a lot of confusion about where this art originated but it is strongly believed that it originated in Thailand and China in the past. The Japanese have shown a marked preference and love for this art so much so that there are schools that train potential chefs to carve vegetables and fruits in the right manner.

fruit vegetable carving 7

fruit vegetable carving 8

fruit vegetable carving 9

Garnish with flourish: What could be possibly the use of carving fruits and vegetables into pretty shapes? This could be the question that haunts people, but think of all the glamorous dinner parties you could be giving where the vegetables will not only be part of the meal but also be part of the décor.


fruit vegetable carving 11

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