How to Remove Paint from Clothes: Easy Guide

Art is not something that comes easy. You not only have to have the talent to do some artistic things like painting but also need some training on the techniques of doing it. What is more art also costs you in terms of the supplies you require for painting, but you also need to be good at clearing up the mess that you create while painting. In fact one should learn about the cleanup process alongside things like acrylic painting tips for beginners to ensure that there is less mess.

 Even something like learning how to paint the car yourself like an expert, needs necessary instructions on cleaning up afterwards. Whether you are going for abstract paintings and learning best abstract painting techniques or learning to paint with oil paints, having the wherewithal to remove paint stains from clothing will always be useful.

Here Is How to Remove Paint from Clothes:

When you have used latex paint these are the steps to be followed:

Get to the paint as soon as it is spilled as dried paint can be difficult to remove and this means more effort.

You will find that latex paint is a amalgamation of acrylic and water so the chances of ridding the cloth completely off the paint is always more.

Use a hard object like a stick or spoon to scrape the excess paint on the surface. This method will ensure that any paint on the surface is scraped off and prevent spreading when you wash in under water. Do make it a point to throw the scraped paint in the dustbin.

Use some hand wash soap and mix it with dish washing soap in equal portions. Apply this mix to the paint stain using a sponge. Press it again and again on the affected area for about 60 seconds.

Wash this portion gently in tepid water. Then repeat the sponging process again and again till such time that the paint is entirely removed from the cloth. This method will work best on paint stains that are fresh.

In case the paint is dried out, then apply hairspray on the area. Keep rubbing the cloth for about 60 seconds,

Then rinse under tepid water and repeat the process once more if the stain is still there.

You can also then use fabric stain remover on the affected area and then wash it in the washing machine.

When You Have Used Oil Paint These Are The Steps To Be Followed:

The first thing to remember is that in case of oil paint, you should avoid putting water on it.

Get a solvent for the paint along with the paint. If you have not done, so remember to stock it for such events.

Take the solvent for oil paints and cautiously apply to the part of the cloth which has the paint on it.

Keep rubbing solvent on to the stain using a rag. Do this gently and once the paint starts coming off, blot it off with a clean rag.

Keep doing this process till most of the paint is off the cloth.

Get a bucket full of warm water and add some dish washing soap. This will help remove the oils in the paint and in the solvent.

Let the cloth soak for about 60 minutes and then launder it.

In case you still see traces of paint, you will need to use more solvent to remove it.


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