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Learn How to Paint a Car Yourself Like An Expert

Before you start on the painting job, be clear that the body work on your car is complete and then only can you start on the preparation. The main steps that will create a paint job that looks professional include:

  • The preparation work
  • The masking

Learn How Paint a Car Yourself Like An Expert

You can start on the prep work by feel and with the help of a clean cloth. This cloth will be between the car and your hand so that you can know if there are any flaws on this. Look for raises or bumps and dips or anything that feels uneven. You need to even this before you start. This process is called the masking.

You will be masking the car for painting or even priming you need to have even masking. This may sound simplistic but it is not. The masking will have to be done considering that you may not remove the windows or chrome of the car. In case you have gone overboard on the masking, trim it

The next step would be cleaning the area in which you are going to paint. Once you have the place ready, bring the car in and then go over the car surface with a cloth gently. Now you are a stage to apply sealer. Make sure that you co not use the same gun for painting as you use for the primer and sealer. In fact it is better to used three different guns.

A base coat clear coat system may be a bit more expensive to use, but it’s well worth the expense if you want your paint to last a long time, now that I have explained a little about why certain paints are better to use we’ll get right to the sealing of the car.

When you are buying your supplies, do take the time to understand and fully comprehend how things work as well as purchase the filters, stirring sticks and cups etc. Different manufacturers have different ratios for mixing. You can read the instructions on the paint cans, but the advisable thing to do will be to talk with the store guys. This way you known you have understood the instructions well. Once you have strained the sealer and removed any impurities. You can start with tacking on some paper or cardboard on the wall of the place you are painting in, to test the pressure of the spray gun.

The pressure needs to be set at optimum levels. Too low and it will be very dry and too high and you have blobs of paint. You will also need to set the fluid flow. Hold the gun at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. Get a feel for how the gun feels in your hand and then the way it looks when you spray. Set the fan and then start spraying. Try it on the paper and then do it on the car. Two or three coats could be needed with 20 minutes waiting between the coats. You will have to factor this time when you are painting to get the right results.

Once the last coating of sealer has dried, you can use the tack cloth on it softly and start mixing the base coat of painting as per instructions. Try it first on the paper/cardboard. Keep an eye out on the trail of the gun and be sure that that paint is even without gaps or overlaps. The thing is that any overlap may give the car a nubby look and gaps will clearly show that the work was done by an amateur. These are factors you need to consider and practice to get perfect before you start painting on the car. You will need at least three coats of color usually. That is unless you are going with a clear color. In that case so much color may not be needed.

As you keep spraying to fully cover the car with color you will be able to see how things are. Go slow and work with concentration and steady hand. Then you will need to wait for a full day before you can spray on the clear coat. So take a break before you start. This way the paint job you have done so painstakingly will have the time it needs to be ready for the next level.

You are going to need at least 4 or 6 coats to get the right look. So do not stint on this. Again give a gap of 20 minutes between each coat. Be sure to do it slowly and well. If you follow all the instructions given above, you will be proud of the way your car looks. The thing about this is the investment in quality equipment, quality paints and also dedication and attention to detail.