70 Short Welcome Speech Samples To Address any Event

Short Welcome Speech Samples That You Can Use
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Welcome Address Quotes

  1. A hearty welcome to one and all. It is a great pleasure to see so many known faces in the crowd as well as a few new ones. Hope you enjoy your time here as much as we enjoy having you over.
  2. I know that many of you have taken the time away from your packed schedule and made an effort to be here to be part of this celebration. I welcome one and all and thank them from the depth of my heart for being here.
  3. This event is one that has been long anticipated by us. We have worked at ensuring that you feel the hug of our warm welcome when you step it. But let us also put it in words – welcome to all; let the celebrations take place!
  4. I must say that even the weather seems to be aligning with me to welcome you to this gathering. May I say that may the glorious weather, and this lovely celebration be a portent of things to come for all of us.
  5. I want you to take a moment to close your eyes for a minute to think about the most enjoyable moment of your life. Once you have done that, I want you to hold on to that feeling while participating in this event.
  6. If there is one day that we have all been looking forward to – it is this very day. Our day for a being together and joining hands in celebration has finally come. We cordially invite you to start the festivities and make the event a big success.
  7. A warm welcome can be like a warm fire in harsh winter weather, and I hope you will feel the same way when I extend my wishes to you to have a great time in this event.
  8. Greetings friends, it is with immense pleasure that I invite you all to be a part of this gala event. I would also like to say that without your warmth and support, this event would be incomplete, so take part in all the activities with heart and soul.
  9. There is no magical formula to make a function fun; it is just about being happy and ensuring that your cheery spirit is contagious. For that to happen, we welcome you with the warmest of wishes.
  10. Welcome friends! The idea behind organizing this function is to bring publicity and coverage to our cause. I hope that you will understand that any contribution you make regarding money or time will be received with immense gratitude and warmth. ( How Saying some Nice Things to Your Best Friend can help you develop a friendship of a lifetime.)
  11. No event is ever a success without it’s’ guests and keeping this in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome each of you to the event. The only thing I request of you is to enjoy everything with full gusto.
  12. I want to welcome you to this event by asking you to look at the person on either side of you and introducing yourselves. This will ensure that you spread the spirit of camaraderie in which we have organized this gathering.
  13. A warm welcome can be like a hug and I hope that you feel as if you have been hugged and welcomed to this event. I would like to thank all of you for attending and hope that you help make this event a resounding success.
  14. I hope that when I say welcome you will accept that it is not only for me but all the people who are part of this entire event.
  15. A warm welcome to all who have made an effort to attend this function and hearty thanks to all those who worked to make this function possible.
  16. With anticipation in our hearts and warmth in our eyes, we welcome each of you as our valued guests. We have arranged food, recreation and various activities for your complete pleasure. Please mingle with each other and enjoy things to the fullest.
  17. Sometimes the words ‘welcome to the party’ are simply not enough to express all the things you want to say and emotions you want to express, but in this instance, I cannot think of anything more to say.
  18. It is a great deal of love that we welcome you back again this year. It has been a long time since we have had the pleasure of your company. We wish to make the most of it with your presence.
  19. I am delighted to declare this forum open to all you and welcome into this generous venue to participate in what I hope will be a memorable evening ahead.
  20. I always have a formula that I use to welcome people to any event. A pinch of humor, a handful of humility, a cup of details, a spoon of ground rules, and a generous seasoning of hospitality should be just about right for this occasion.
  21. This event can only be a success when you leave with a smile on your lips and happiness in your hearts. Here’s to wishing that all your expectations are fulfilled!
  22. There are many here who feel that a simple welcome is enough and they are right. I welcome you all to participate and make this event a success.
  23. All we need to make this event a welcome one is for us to have the welcome flags flying and balloons to take to the sky. Let us do just that.
  24. Welcome to each one of you. It is my pleasure to welcome you all. Though ideally speaking, I would like to shake the hands of each of you who have taken the time to attend this event; it may not be practically possible to do so. Please accept my welcome as a warm and personal one.
  25. A cordial welcome to you all. To get things going, I want each of you to lift the glass in front of you with the welcome drink and raise a toast for the success off this evening.
  26. I take great pleasure in extending a personal welcome to all of the guests who have spared the time to make it here for this function. It is a pleasure to see so many eager and enthusiastic people who want to help out in this noble cause.
  27. You know what sets the right tone for this function? The smile on your face and the eagerness of those here to participate in this function. I am happy to say that I am as eager as you are to get this function going.
  28. Every time I get up on the stage to welcome people to a function I feel that I should say something profound but all I can think of saying is welcome to one and all.
  29. A welcome speech should be like a mini skirt. Long enough to cover all the essentials but short enough to be interesting. This may be a cliché, but it still works.

Short Welcome Speech Samples That You Can Use
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A good function is like a circus; there are many acts but what matters the most is the way the acts follow one after another keeping you on the edge of your seat. I am sure that you will find that this function also follows the same formula.

The danger of having an awesome audience like this is that a speaker like me would be tempted to go on and on for hours on end. But I am going to avoid that and ensure that your welcome speech is warm but not long. Welcome to the function.

When I am up on the stage giving my welcome address, many thoughts are running through my head, ranging from the mundane to the most profound. The key to a nice speech is to keep it clean and neat enough to ensure interest and warmth without going on for too long.

Every time I get up on the stage to welcome the new students to this institution of learning, I like to see not just your faces but the potential you bring to this place.

A group of people is only as good as the kind of commitment and affection they feel for the cause they have gathered for. And going by that criteria, I am happy to welcome one of the best groups so far.

Welcoming people to a venue can be a bit of a bore. Which is why I practice my speech to ensure that it is not only clear and sensible but that I do not go too fast or too slow, but keep it just right.

When I stand on this stage to welcome you all, I can feel the weight of all the great speeches given here, which makes me feel humble but honored at the same time. I hope I can meet your expectations and meet the standards set by all those great people.

Whenever I look at the faces waiting for me to give my welcome address, I realize that I should not only welcome them but also express my gratitude for all of you taking the time to be here. That is why I not only welcome you but also thank you for being here.

While I cannot claim to be an expert in giving welcoming speeches, I can see that welcoming you is going to be a big pleasure and pretty intuitive because a welcome speech is only as good as the people you are welcoming. And you are a great audience indeed!

As I sat down to write my welcome speech, I realized it is like a pie. The filling should be soft and rich, but the crust has to be light and crisp, which means that I should be sentimental and warm but also make my speech short and humorous.

Short Welcome Speech Samples That You Can Use
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Along with these striking Short Welcome Speech Samples to cheer your guests instantly and to begin the party perfectly and thoughtfully, we just told you how to write down your own speech within minutes without having to research much. Read this wiki page, if at all you would like to get inspired with the speeches of these great leaders and inspirations of society. Do let us know what you wrote and how your guests did compliment you for it!


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