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30 Beautiful Examples of Couple in the Rain Photography

Rain scenes are accompanied by lightning and elements of thunder that ensure that the composition of visuals is dramatic as well as beautiful. Other elements that commonly become part of couples in rain photography is the cute umbrellas, the raincoats and sometimes the galoshes too. Plus the play of light in rain based photos is also a wondrous thing that adds to the beauty of the photos. - –

Rain does not only make people and their rain gear look different, but even trees and plants look different in rain. Rain somehow makes the green of leaves look more intense as well as washed clean and flowers seem to gain a coating of shiny crystals with the falling of rain. Though it may sound like a terrible cliché, the sight of a couple cavorting in the rain will always remain a classic. These photographs manage to capture the essence of rain and the way it makes things more romantic.


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