Amazing And Surrealistic Art By Choo San

They say an artist is only good or as bad as his or her imagination and when you have imagination like Choo San does then we can assume that there are no limits to the art she produces. You may have seen what some shocking and stunning examples of art where the human body has been used as canvas can be like. It is no doubt a bit of art that leaves you gasping at the thought that has gone into producing this work.

What is more there are also some extremely stunning examples of body paint art too that will leave you gasping for breath. But the art of Choo San takes it to entirely another level. The pictures you see here are not modified with the help of any software. It is hard to believe that this 19 year old Japanese student of Art has created this. She has really used her imagination and produced art that is gasp-worthy. - –

In this particular piece of work you can see that she has created an illusion of zippers on the hand that look as if they can be pulled down to open the hand up. One has to be really skilled to do this kind of work.  In fact in one of the hands you can see that the zip is in fact open and the insides exposed to a certain extent. It is hard to believe that this incredible art that she produces is just the result of boredom. When she would get tired of studying she started doing this simply by drawing eyes on her hands as a means of distraction and diversion. - –

All she uses to produce what is now very realistic, three dimensional and really intriguing art is just some acrylic paints, her really vivid imagination and awesome talent. When one looks at an art worth that she has produced, one is left mesmerized. In some she has added extra eyes, some she has added an extra mouth, in some she has created an illusion of a shirt that is so tight that the buttons are popping. While others have included some small props like a plug that looks as if it is ready to be inserted into the socket that she has created with her paints.

The addition of a mouth that is bizarrely wide open to reveal teeth is both a little scary as well as adding a whimsical touch. But again we cannot but marvel at the attention to detail she provides in each piece of her work and the way her imagination seems to be totally different from that of others.

This piece of art is almost macabre with the addition of the extra set of eyes on to the cheek bone area. It is not just how the art looks but also the way that it makes you feel that adds impact to her work.

We all wear laces and they do make a cute pattern. But to draw them on the feet to make it look as though the foot in question is actually cleaved into parts and to show it as if it is the laces with their intricate bonding that holds them together is a tribute to the artist’s talent.

This piece of work cannot be really called pretty or beautiful but it manages to pack a punch that leaves you reeling at the amount of work that has gone into creating extra mouths, eyes etc.

This zipper within the zipper look she has done here is really rips you open (excuse the pun)!

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