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30 Shocking And Stunning Examples Of Art Where Human Body Has Been Used As Canvas!

Normally when you think of art, you tend to think in terms of paintings, sculpture, music or some such media. And then when it comes down to painting there are oil paintings, there are watercolors and more recently there have been acrylic paint art. All these are painted on canvases or wood or walls or some such medium. Have you ever wondered how to paint with acrylic paints?

In this article we are not going to show you examples of any of these, we are going to show you examples where the human body has been used as the canvas. It is not the same as how you paint a dog, it is entirely different. Some of the examples you see here could be beautiful, some shocking, some bizarre and some downright outrageous, but they all have a bold theme that will captivate and fascinate you.

Here are some examples of such art:

In the above example you can see that the cherry blossoms that are so famous in Japan have been painted in the corner of the eye for a stunning look.

Once again the eye has been used to show the angst and pain that one should feel after a cruel hunt.

A beautiful and very effective way of showing the tooth fairy – a being that every child looks forward to.

Shows a artistic version of a being from another planet using the body as a canvas

A macabre representation of a zombie which looks horrible but compels us to keep looking

The fox has been shown in a miniature form giving shades of nostalgia to it

The body paint on this girl is stunning in the way it covers her in vivid colors

The mouth has been used to form a crab

Sunken treasure is placed in the place where the tears would be

Extreme Halloween makeup

Fire in her eyes so graphically presented

Scary emerald eyes in the best way

The world does need rain, right?

The batik peacock in all its glory

The human checkerboard

The Halloween town in full representation

Chameleon shown colorfully on the lips

The tightlaced lady – the expression says it all

The dark side anyone?

Stark black used for artistic expression

Cute panda art using lips

Sensual and amazing liquid sunshine

Modernistic Matrix in blue; always a hit

The red dragon lady for stark effect

The laces so simply and well done  on the back of hand

The colors and designs showing the play full  mood

The macabre representation of what lies underneath

The golden hair turning into flames as it flows down the back

Embers shown so well on eyes with great ash effect

The earth is in your hands for you to destroy or save

As you can see such art is not only difficult but it needs a lot of imagination to integrate the contours of the various body parts into the art itself. But no matter what your reaction is , the one thing that such bits of art can guarantee is that there will be a reaction. Isn’t that what art is all about?