30 Extremely Stunning Examples of Body Paint Art: 2013 Collection

The art of Body Painting is not only gaining popularity during this era, but it’s very famous from the ancient times.During the ancient period, the members of various tribes were paint their bodies with different colors to show their identity among the other tribes. We can also see this during these days in some tribes of Africa. Different tribes were use different color to paint their bodies according to the culture of their tribes.

In 12th century, a new kind of body art was introduced in the world (initially originated in Egypt) termed as “Mehendi” which is still very popular in some countries. Basically, Mehendi means the body art done by Henna. It’s not permanent like tattoos or piercing, it’s temporary and fades after some days. And Native Americans use huito (a kind of charcoal) to paint their bodies and it’s not permanent too just like Mehendi.

As it’s the age of fashion and style, people paint their bodies for fashion purpose. And it’s also very common to see the painted bodies during any kind of rallies and protests. With the taste of modernization, some artists modify this art with a plenty of stunning and impressive modification.

Here we’re showcasing some amazing examples of Body painting to show the artwork of talented artists. With this collection, we’ll show you that how modern artists transform a normal art to an impressive and dazzling one. Undoubtedly, you’ll appreciate this collection of beautiful artwork. If you’ve any suggestion for us then don’t hesitate to express that. We’ll wait for your valuable and obviously useful suggestions and reviews.

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