Best Abstract Painting Techniques

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 Pick a few acrylic abstract painting tricks from experts: You may have seen a lot many abstract paintings in oil than you may have seen in acrylic paints.

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But there is nothing that prevents you from borrowing a few tricks from the masters of this genre. Like the technique used by Marc Rothko to creating color fields using huge swathes of color on the canvas.

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Or you can use the technique that Jackson Pollock used to make his drip paintings.

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He used to put brushes to use so that they functioned like sticks working with the canvases on the floor. The spatters and drips made for interesting visuals. Pick the techniques of watercolor and oil paint artists and use them to create the much easier to work with acrylic paints to create abstract art.

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You can keep experimenting and trying new things so that something clicks to release the inner artist. The thing with acrylic abstract painting is that there is no strict demarcation of right and wrong.


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