30 Golden Examples of Roy Lichtenstein POP Art

The art that Roy Lichtenstein creates would commonly evoke the memory of comic book art among most people, however the artist views himself as more of the industrial art genre. He hit the art scene and made a name for himself in the 60s. The art done by him was considered a contemplation of what was well known aspects of the culture of the time. In spite of they reminding you of art from comic books, they had so many more layers of meanings and interpretations.

Alongside Andy Warhol who made an impact on the thinking of people via his art, Lichtenstein held a lot of influence over people’s thinking. His death occurred in the year 1997 and currently his work is valued at millions. When you look at his art, make sure that you are not under the misconception that this is work related to comic strips. This will color your judgment and will make you unable to see the meaning underneath.

First of all the process that he used for applying color on to his art transcended mere strokes and involved a more intricate process. The point of his work was the underlying satire that made his work so interesting. There was a certain element of frolic and fun to his art which resulted from his use of mostly primary colors. Visually speaking his art can only appeal to those who like art that does not fit the conventional mores. In fact the art would look in place only with a setting that is modern and forward thinking.

But if you are a fan of art that makes you think and goes beyond a picture that is pretty, then you should go for the works of Roy Lichtenstein. It would be a good investment and provide you food for thought. here are some the best Roy Lichtenstein POP Art examples.


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