25 Creative Examples of Encaustic Painting

Encaustic Painting: Art in any way or any form can be a pleasure to view and we all acknowledge that. Encaustic is one of the media that is used to make art. This is a paint that is made up of Beeswax, pigment and resin. Usually it needs to heated to be able to use it. Thereby it is kept melting by using a palette that is heated. The painting using the Encaustic paint is usually done by putting on a surface that has pore and then heat is applied once more to meld the paint.In case you are wondering Encaustic has nothing to do with the word Caustic. Rather it originates from the work Enkaiein, which is Greek, meaning to burn. This refers to the procedure by which the paint is melded after being applied.

This media produces art that is really gorgeous to look and is very adaptable as any other medium of today. You can create a really glossy effect by polishing it. You can carve it or even scrape it. It can be used to create a layered effect or create a collage. It has also been used to dip or cast some pieces of art. You can also sculpt it and use it add a textured look or use it combined with oils. Since it cools rather rapidly, there is virtually no waiting for it to dry. But you need not worry about making any changes or rework, that too can be done.

You do not have to use any solvents to use Encaustic Paints. Just heat it to start working with it. Since the paint is supposed to be used from a heated palette, you will find it quite easy to use. Plus there is the additional advantage of any hazards to your health being reduced or even eliminated dramatically from using this medium to create art. Here are some of very Creative Examples of Encaustic Painting.

Ahead to beloved



 Encaustic Study

  Encaustic Horse I

  Pecking Order

Frances Lansing

 Jeff League

The Water Lot 2


 Tallinn in Autumn


  Keeper Of Secrets

Identity Paradox


Suzanne Bell

dont cry


  Woman On Fire



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