10 Best Tattoo Artists of All Time: 2013 Edition

It is really not easy to find the Best Tattoo Artists in the world. Tattooing is something that has come on its own in recent times though by no means is it a recent discovery. In fact tattoos date back to ancient times where they were considered a means of expressing inner spirituality, committing to religion, as means of protection among other things.

If you are a tattoo lover or even have a slight interest in this subject, then you will like the information about people who have made their name in this line of work. This will give you an idea as to the amount of dedication and thought that these people have given to this line of work:

Brandon Bond’s name has been associated with having created some of the most recognized tattoos the world over. He has been in this field for 16 years and has won several awards for his tattoo work. He is the owner of Anti Art Elite and All or nothing tattoo, based out of Atlanta in Georgia. Is it any surprise that he is always booked? Sometimes a year in advance.

Nick Baxter has gained a name for the rendering huge and colorful tattoos on a large scale. He is noted for his minute and absolute attention to even the smallest of details. He is always willing to go beyond the given boundaries and is dedicated to his art.

Aaron Cain has been the leader of biochemical tattoo artists and he has been able to lead them to newer heights. His work is recognized for the thick lines that he draws and the hard edges that he creates. He remains an inspiration to current and future tattoo artists via his amazing artworks.

Paul Booth’s name is recognizable across the world. His evil looking tattoo designs seem to catch the eye and imagination of those who view it. His very realistic renditions of the dark work have brought him much recognition and he has made many appearances on television channels. This makes him one of the most recognized.

Carson Hill is probably the most looked up to Biochemical Tattooists on earth. At age 31 he has reached considerable heights and is constantly working to improve on his work. His tattoos have a new angle to them that few artists can reproduce.

Bob Tyrell started on in this line of work rather late in life. He started at 34 but his work has earned him a name. He is known for his very realistic portraits that appear to be looking at you and within you. This incredible artist puts his heart and soul into his work.

Mike Devries does portraits in color of animals and other things. The best feature of his work is how he manages to provide depth to his work and this makes it appear as though the art will just come out of the skin adding an extra dimension.

Ryan Dearringer is really true to his art and believes that he should constantly work beyond boundaries and improve his art. The result is immensely creative and original. He is able to meld in effortlessly the past styles with the futuristic designs to come up with an unmatchable style.

Guy Aitchison has had much of his work in the world of tattooing in many publications. He is one of the leading artists in the world of Biomech tattooing.

Jesse Nesse has made a name for himself as one of the best artists in the field of tattooing. He is known to be almost magical in the field of tattoos that cover up and he produces tattoos in customized colors.


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