Steps to Become a Productive Artist

Being an artist does not come with any guarantees of success, wealth and fame. This means that you have to work hard and take a few steps to ensure that you achieve the success that you crave. This becomes even more vital when today’s world is full of competition and everyone has their eye on money. While there is a romantic notion is that artists are languid and weird person who wanders off into creative spells and loses track of the world and everything around them.


The fact is that artists are not at all like that they have to work pretty hard and be focused to be able to produce the kind of work they do. This means focus and discipline This means sticking to a time schedule. While outwardly the success of an artist is measured by the money, recognition and awards they get, the artist rarely has the luxury of creating art for the sake of his or her own artistic satisfaction. To ensure that you do make a success of yourself as an artist you can develop and follow a routine that encourages regular output.

Put some time aside for creativity: This may seem like a very simplistic thing to say but can be difficult to infuse into your routine. You will find that the mundane can take over the creative process leaving very time for art. If you have a job that is flexible then you are lucky. But this may not always the case and you need to factor in your involvement in your job into the time schedule for art. Art and creativity comes easily to some people and they say that their work is always spontaneous. You are better off setting a schedule, so that you know that you are supposed to get started at a particular time. This means your mindset and even your body is attuned to the creative process and ideas and creativity starts to flow. It is almost like programming your mind and body to be creative. Over time this starts to become a natural part of you.

Learn to be more systematic: Ensure that whenever you want to start your artistic process, you have the necessary tools and supplies are at hand. This way you do not have to waste time trying to find things when an idea strikes you. Also make sure that once you have finished something you put it away so that you do not visit it again and start on the new one. Also have a clear view and idea of what you have completed a part of the work, this way you can start where you ended. Another thing to do is clean the materials that you have used and making sure that all tools are in working order. This is a mark of an artist who loves his art and appreciates the things that enable the creative process.

Make sure to stay on course: While achieving commercial success is the ultimate goal of every artist, you should never forget that you are an artist. This means that you need to focus and concentrate on the actual process of making the art so that you are happy with the work you produce and satisfied with the integrity of the process. Other factors may cloud your creativity and take away from the purity of the art that you are trying to create.

All this planning and focus may seem like a rather clinical approach to the passionate process of creating something artistic. But in the long run you will realize that discipline will help you achieve your ultimate goal.


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