10 Ways to Make Your Car Smell Fresh and Better

You tend to chit-chat snacks, drink, or even smoke in your car, right! As days go on, you feel some kind of yucky stench smell and lingering stains that create bad odor over time. We all love the smell of new-car smell, but it’s really sad dealing with a stinky car. There is no more need to worry from now on. Yes, there are a number of ways to make your car smell fresh and better. Just follow these steps to eliminate car odors and make it smell fresh and better.

Ways to Make Your Car Smell Fresh and Better

Now,let me share few DIY tips to eliminate odor within few seconds

Wine Vinegar:

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Apply the mixture of white wine vinegar to your upholstery. White wine vinegar not only used as the cleaning agent, but also removes bad odor and gives an instant freshness.

Coffee Beans:

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Leaving coffee beans is an excellent yet easy way to absorb bad odors. You can put coffee beans in a pair of socks and put one under the driver’s seat and next under the passenger seat. By doing this, you can enjoy the aroma of a coffee shop while driving.

Baking Soda

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Just sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on the upholstery and allow it to sit on for few minutes. This will absorb the bad foul-smelling odor. And later use the cordless vacuum cleaner to collect these substances.

Citrus Odor Absorber:

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Fill the orange shell halfway with salt and use as a citrus odor absorber. Cut an orange in half and remove (and eat!) the orange sections and pulp, then fill the orange shell halfway with salt. This absorbs stale and yucky odors.

Dryer Sheets:

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Open a box of dryer sheets under the front seat of your car. The smell on them lasts well over 3 months.

Charcoal and Coffee Beans:

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Absorbs smell quickly! Fill a bag with charcoal and leave it open in your car overnight. The same method can also done using Coffee beans.

Cotton Ball Air Freshener:

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Take cotton balls and add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils. Clip it to your vents, turn on the air or heat, and your car will smell sweet in just a few seconds.

Change AC Filters:

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Keeping the windows might also help you to get rid of musty odors and moldy smells. But for true difference, I prefer you to change the filter of your AC unit.

Citrus Deodorizer Disks:

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Who doesn’t love the smell of citrus? You can use citrus deodorizer as it is inexpensive, customizable, and toxin-free.

Place Eucalyptus Leaves in a Vase:

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Place a few fresh or dried Eucalyptus leaves in a vase, and your car will smell (and look) great for a long time.

Tips to Make your Car Stay Away from Bad Odor

  • Ensure your car windows are up on rainy days, as mildew from wet carpets smells badly.
  • In case, if you choose to eat inside your car, remember to clean up the food spills right away in order to avoid the gummy substance that can build up over time.
  • After following the above procedures, if you find your car is emitting a bad odor, then don’t delay to get help from a professional automobile expert near you.

Do you have other ways to make your car smell fresh and better? Share them by commenting below.


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