How To Improve Your Handwriting?

There are some arts that have lost their importance and luster over the years as they are replaced by modern replacements for the same. Take for instance the art of calligraphy, which was a very important part of the world in terms of recording the events, education and even economic affairs. In fact, there was no aspect of life that did not resonate with the importance of handwriting but sadly in recent times the importance of handwriting has come down as more and more people do not write but type what they want to say either on computers or various handheld electronic equipment. But even then, it pays to know how to improve your handwriting as this is something that will always come in useful. You need to know all about Japanese art and the contributions it has made to the world which also includes the art of calligraphy, which is all about writing.

The thing about the art of writing is that the same medium that is used for painting can be used for writing and vice versa. Which is why paint is used for writing and there are also ink painting ideas for inspiration. If you are still wondering why you should know about how to improve your handwriting, then you only need to look at tattoos to know that writing even today holds a lot of importance. Take for instance, purposeful tattoos for women and you will know what we mean.

How To Improve Your Handwriting?

Buy the right writing materials: Whether it is a pen that flows well and the ink smooth or a surface that encourages the pen or pencil to glide easily, it makes sense to get the right writing materials in order to improve your handwriting. For instance, some people like thicker nibs while others like a sharp nib and getting this right can help you writer clearer and prettier.

Stretch your wrist and fingers: Like any other exercise needing a warm up, the art of writing and improving your handwriting can also benefit from a bit of stretching and warming up to produce better results.

Develop a nice posture for writing: It is good to have a nice balance of your writing hand and the other hand so that you are comfortable as you start writing. You will often find that creating a nice atmosphere to write will help you improve your handwriting.

Assess the grip: Pick your pen in your writing hand and test your grip. The writing implement should rest between the index finger and the thumb as well as the middle fingers. All these should rest lightly on the knuckle of the ring finger.

Keep retraining your wrist and arm: Most people tend to draw with their fingers when they write but when you look at calligraphy artists, you will realize that they do not use their fingers at all but their arm and wrist. We suggest that you visualize writing on a board and practice writing on the air with a pen or a pencil. You will need to practice pulling the pen in the direction rather than pushing it as you normally do. Once you are well-practiced in this way of writing, then you will see your forearm to guide the pen rather than your fingers doing the work.

Slow down a bit: One of the ways to improve your handwriting is to slow down and ensuring that the letter you write come out better shaped and look really good. Once you perfect the way you shape your letters by doing slowly, your handwriting will improve and you can soon gain speed as you perfect the art.

Keep practicing: Nothing is gained without a lot of efforts and this applies to improving your handwriting too. We suggest that you keep practicing writing the same things over and over till you find that your handwriting has improved. Over time you will see that your handwriting has really improved with repeated efforts and practice in the techniques and changes we have suggested.


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