Ethereal Watercolor Art That Will Have You Reeling With Wonder

Watercolors have their own place in the world of paintings though some may say that they are not as assertive as oil paints or easy drying as acrylic. While these two points of view are not wrong, we feel that each medium we use to paint has their own niche qualities that make them stand out. Watercolors though a bit more difficult to work with because of the time required to dry out can still hold their own because as the title says, they can be used to create an ethereal effect in paintings, which may not be possible with oil paintings at all times. But before you jump into creating ethereal watercolor art, we suggest that you look at watercolor techniques that you should know to become a superb artist. In this instance, when we are talking about ethereal watercolor art, we are talking about a slightly otherworldly and unrealistic look to the art while keeping the roots in realism.

You may comprehend what we are saying by taking a look at the pictures we have given along with this article. For instance, the painting has the real look of the object or creature that it is depicting but at the same time there is an almost not there feeling to it. This kind of effect would need a lighter hand with the brushes and paints and also patience for the layers of paints to dry before creating further effects. That is how you can create mind blowing watercolor paintings. While it is good to create otherworldly and ethereal art using watercolors, you have to admit that those who worked on these amazing architectural water colors to showcase structural beauty needs a lot of talent to pull off.

To create ethereal watercolor art, we suggest that you start with learning the techniques and then move on to finalizing a suitable subject to paint. If you are just starting to work with watercolors, then we suggest that you go with a simple subject that you can paint with ease. For instance, you can start with something like the figure of a ballerina doing a pirouette. There is already something so delicate and ethereal about the pose of a slender woman wearing a frothy tutu and making a pose that looks almost impossible to do. Yes, the slender woman in this case is a ballerina who is strong and skilled in what she does but what you want to capture is how fragile, delicate and ethereal she makes it appear.

You can also if you prefer, go with the painting of a scene in the fading light of the day in the interval when dusk is starting to set in. The fast disappearing rays of light and the gradual cover of darkness can make even the most sturdy tree look delicate and ethereal. Flowers are also another subject that can be ethereally drawn and painted using watercolors. If you are so inclined, then you can go for an abstract painting for your ethereal art using watercolors. You will once again have to refrain from being too firm in the wielding of the brush and application of watercolor paints when doing this kind of work.

Another subject that comes to mind when one thinks about ethereal watercolor art is that of the felines. They naturally have this liquid quality that can compel an artist to try and capture this quality on to paper or canvas or any other surface. The same can be said for objects like butterflies and flowers when it comes to ethereal art using watercolors.


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