Charming And Cheering Chalk Sign Art

Are you the kind of person who likes to step out of your home or office in search of a nice place to sit and eat? In case you are one of those, then we are sure you have your favorites. And most of us often like to visit those small places where the staff knows you and the menu changes on a regular basis. The charming part of going to such a place apart from the food and ambience can be the lovely handwritten board on which the day’s specials are listed in chalk. Yes, this article is about chalk sign art that while seeming very simple can be a great way to add an easily charming touch to any place. Though chalk pastel techniques can be an old fashioned way to make signage, it is a very effective one. While the chalk sign art is not on the same level as beautiful chalk pastel artworks, it is nevertheless a nice art form that has a good visual impact.





There are many creative chalkboard paint ideas that you can use to make any event or place come alive and instantly get a homemade coziness and charm that can be invaluable. Today, many people like to have cheering and charming chalk sign art for their weddings peppered with simple and humorous sayings to add an atmosphere of fun and celebration to their party. But you may wonder how you will get it right.





Here is what you need to know:

Select the wordings you want on the board: This may sound simple enough but we would suggest that you spend some time doing this to ensure that you have the wordings right. Ensuring that you do an edit and a grammar check would also help because once the wordings are written on the board, it may become messy to change it or edit it.





Choose the font and get stencils: It is important that you get a pretty font but also one that is easy to read. Sometimes we fall for the way a font looks but tend to ignore the readability factor especially when you have a bunch of words written together. Do make it a point to enlarge the font on the monitor and check how the readability is when you write it all together.





Make a stencil: You can create a stencil to draw out the words on the chalkboard sign by tracing them out on thick chart paper and then cutting it out so that you can put it on the board and draw out the outline. Gently tape the chart paper on to the board and then draw the outline of the wordings with a sharp pointed chalk or chalk marker. It is also a good idea to make the surface of the board is slightly damp. This will ensure that when the chalk dries out it will stay longer and will not be easy to erase when people touch it.





Fill it carefully: This part is simple enough except that you have to ensure that you stay within the borders so that the words look clear. At this stage too it would be a good idea to dampen the surface or the chalk to ensure that the results of the filling up last longer.



Border it out: Once you are done with the wordings, it is time to create a nice border depending on the theme you are going with. A cute drawing or two will complete the board and chalk sign art.



When you are done with the chalk sign and want to change the wordings, you can clean it out with a damp cloth or sponge to ensure that it is completely clean.


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