Lovely And Delicate Lace Street Art

The thing about lace is that we see it as delicate, ethereal and precious and in the pure form that is what it is. However, then this title must be leaving you confused and bewildered as we are talking about street art which is huge and robust almost in your face, which the antithesis of how we see lace. That is why lace street art seems to be a contradiction as a concept. But we ask you to read on to know what it is all about. The thing is in this article we are going to talk about using the essence of lace and the delicate patterns but using it to decorate huge structures and the streets. It is not completely unlike the amazing huge street art on building walls but just that it is done using the lace pattern. The use of lace patterns can be a great way to add beauty to the streets around you.

lace street art 1

lace street art 2

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You should take a look at amazing street art works we have seen so far to draw an inspiration as to how to get it done. Drawing lace patterns can never be confused with graffiti though the question that comes to mind is graffiti a form of art on the streets or is it vandalism. Though when you look at the images that we have given here along with this article, you will never feel that lace art on streets is graffiti or defacing of the streets. The thing is that laces have intricate and delicate patterns that are very interesting and it seems such a waste to have them limited for an elite few to enjoy instead of everyone. The more you think about it, the more you will realize that lace art on the streets is a great way to add beauty for more people to enjoy.

lace street art 8

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However, lace art as we pointed out earlier is anything but easy to emulate and reproduce on a larger scale and this is something that has to be given a lot of thought to. Lace art can be emulated on the streets by having an artist reproduce it by painting the patterns on the street but this could mean that the art would be available to look at only on a temporary basis. If you are looking for a more permanent appearance of lace art on the streets, then it can be emulated on the walls of buildings with the use of stencils that have the design of the lace created on them.

lace street art 16

lace street art 17

lace street art 18

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lace street art 21

One more way of taking lace art out of the confines of the wardrobe and on to the streets, is to recreate these patterns on metal. Metal grills and fences can be recreated using the lace motif for all to enjoy and doing this does fulfil the requirements of interesting art – that of contrast. One that combines delicate design with tough material to make something pretty but strong and durable. You may be surprised to know that though lace street art is a relatively new concept, it has been in existence in the form of ‘kolam’ made of rice powder mixed with other things in front of most households in the southern part of India.

lace street art 23

lace street art 24

lace street art 25

lace street art 26

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lace street art 29

But the difference is that in this case, the lace art in the form of Kolam was very temporary since it is made of powder placed on damp flooring or soil. Do check out the patterns that have been created thus if you are interested. In any case, we have given here along with this article many examples of lace street art that should intrigue and interest you.


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