Happy And Harmonious Hoop Art To Decorate Your Home

We are sure that most of you may be aware of what embroidery is all about even if you have not tried to do some on your own. Embroidery, for those who are not sure about what it is, is the art of using thread and needle to create artistic designs on cloth. This was a genteel art that ladies of the past were encouraged to take up to create their own trousseau but the girls and women of today may not know much about this leave alone have embroidery skills. Even today, buying something with handmade embroidery is very costly and it is not like the mass produced machine embroidery though you should know more about it. And if you are one of those who does not know much about embroidery, then you must be wondering what the connection between hoop art (mentioned in the article title) and embroidery is. Well, those who are familiar with the art of embroidery would know that along with the thread and needle, the hoop played a big role in ensuring that the embroidered cloth had a good finish.

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The hoop for embroidery would consist of two thin rounds of wood, one slightly bigger than the other. The bigger hoop would have a screw that can tightened and loosened as required. The cloth would be placed on the smaller hoop and stretched to ensure a smooth surface to work and then the bigger hoop would be placed around it and the screw tightened to ensure that the cloth would not move when you are working on it. Since embroidery, that too done by your own hand is no longer part of the ethnic decoration ideas to stay traditional, because most of us have lost touch with this art, you may not know much about the hoop. But in this article we are talking about not only using embroidery to decorate your home but also use the hoop to frame the work you create using thread and needle. But if you are going to start embroidering, then we suggest that you start with pretty and easy crochet doily for beginners instead of starting with big and complicated project.

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The thing is art using hoops used for embroidery can be a fun way to do small samplers of different kinds of stitches and hang them on your wall as a decoration. The embroidery that you do could consist of a simple motto or saying that you want your family to follow. Or it could be something as simple as some form of patchwork that chronicles the passage of time in your household. Your hoop art could also consist of a collection of different hoops, each one consisting of the kind of thread work you have taught your kids to do.

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If you are not the kind who can or even wants to do intricate embroidered designs in a detailed and painstaking manner, then it is a good idea to frame bits and pieces around your home in the hoops. For instance, you can simply frame the pockets of old jeans in the hoops and have them on display. The best aspect of the hoop art is that it does not have to involve a difficult or laborious process that involves you resorting to do heavy work with numerous tools. In fact, expanding on the idea of framing your jeans pockets, this can also have a utilitarian value by functioning as a holder for your bills and letters. As usual, we are providing some images to inspire you to get started on some hoop art ideas.


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