Divine Dance Paintings That Make You See The Movement In The Stillness

Dance is an art form that you cannot hate, you can either be indifferent or passionately in love with. This is because dance is a very personal art form where you express your inner artist using your body, your face, your limbs and your movements in a particular manner. In this article we are not just talking about dance, but about paintings that depict dance. In essence, this means that the artist loves dance and loves to paint. This means he or she would try to capture the fluidity of the dance movement in their paint strokes or with the help of other painting medium. This meant that they studied different styles of dancing and captured them in the form of a painting. They may have looked at different types of painting like these ink painting ideas for inspiration before sitting down in front of the canvas to capture the glory of the dance and the dancer in a manner that could show the essence of it correctly.

dance paintings 1

dance paintings 3

dance paintings 4

dance paintings 6

dance paintings 7

We are sure that by now you too are eager to explore the world where two art forms come into a confluence. There is dancing on the one hand and there is painting on the other. You just have to look at stunning ballerina drawings and sketches to find yourself falling in love with this form of art and get addicted to it.

dance paintings 10

dance paintings 12

dance paintings 13

dance paintings 14

dance paintings 8

As you know dance is an art form that involves the body, soul, sole and the passion of the person who is doing it along with the music that is an integral part of the dance routine. This means that a person who is attempting to capture this art form on paper or canvas or any other surface will have to capture more than just the form of the person who is giving the performance. The trick is to make the still work of art depicting dance look as if there is fluid motion within the picture.

dance paintings 15

dance paintings 17

dance paintings 18

dance paintings 19

dance paintings 20

Ballet is a dance form that shows the lissome and lovely bodies of the dancers, add to this the costume that is also pretty and then the body language and movement of the dancer. It is enough to make any budding artist to grab a paper and pen to start recording this. It is very inspiring and captivating but not easy. However, there is proof that there are artists who have been passionate about capturing this visual in the best way possible using everything from water colors to something as basic as crayons.

dance paintings 21

dance paintings 22

dance paintings 23

dance paintings 24

dance paintings 25

And you can see that they have managed to capture all that we described above and almost make you feel the movement and the music. Some of them have taken their love of these two arts and made them even better. They have transformed dance artists to make them look like the means for music too. As is common with the art of painting, their art works take on many forms from direct paintings to something that is merely symbolic. If you look closely at the paintings of dance forms here, then you will see that are some that are done in relief.

dance paintings 26

dance paintings 27

dance paintings 28

dance paintings 29

Some show the face of the dancer and some focus on the body of the dancer. While some of them are in outline, some are face first with you able to see the passion for dance visible in the eyes of the painted dancer. In some, the range of motions are also represented in shadow in such a vivid way that you can almost imaginer her or him twirling to music.


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