Different Styles Of Dancing

If you are one of those people who feels enthused when you look at others dancing or feel the call of music to your feet each time, then we are sure that you will enjoy knowing more about the different styles of dancing. While many people have an affinity for dancing, they may not be that big a fan of opera the art of combining music, drama and dance. However, this does not mean that you will still not be interested in learning about the different forms of dancing so that you can display your knowledge when the occasion calls for it.

We are sure that the very mention of dancing will bring to mind romantic and soft images like these stunning ballerina drawings and sketches.

The thing about dancing is that though there are many styles and ways of doing it, the underlying skill and dedication to do it right will always remain the same. Having said that, we would like to take you through some of the forms of dancing so that you have an idea about how diverse it can be.

ballet dancing 1

ballet dancing 2

ballet dancing 3

Ballet: This form of dance has origins in France and Russia. A combination of music and dance, watching a ballet performance will give you a feeling of fantasy. This is because of the way the females seem to epitomize the very essence of femininity combining strength with grace to perform this art.

ballroom dancing 1

ballroom dancing 2

ballroom dancing 3

Ballroom: Somehow this form of dance will take you back in time and remind of days gone by that seemed to be filled with elegance and formal entertainment. This form of dancing is done with a partner and follows certain steps and rules that make it so awesome to watch as well as do.

belly dancing 1

belly dancing 2

belly dancing 3

Belly: Imagine being transported back to the exotic desert nights where each sense is heightened and women are celebrated for their voluptuousness. The belly dance as the name suggests centers around movements in the belly dance and is supposed to be good for the health of the female reproductive system when done right.

flamenco dancing 1

flamenco dancing 2

flamenco dancing 3

Flamenco: With origins from the southern parts of Spain, this dance form is all about proud form, passion and a lot of stamping and clapping around. The dancer will stand still absorbing the music and then proceed to dance as the music inspires her.

hip hop dancing 1

hip hop dancing 2

hip hop dancing 3

Hip hop: A more modern version of dance, this one evolved from the streets and is a very energetic form of dance. Today you can see people dancing to this form even in studios etc.

latin dancing 1

latin dancing 2

latin dancing 3

Latin: This is broader form of classification and signifies various forms of dance under this umbrella. The main characteristic of this dance is the passion and exaggerated movements that are used to perform it.

line dancing 1

line dancing 2

line dancing 3

Line: People basically form lines and tend to follow the movements of the dance as they are performed by one or the other. It is a fun dance form when people who are dancing do not have much idea about the steps that they are going to perform.

salsa dancing 1

salsa dancing 2

salsa dancing 3

Salsa: As hot as the sauce with the same name, this dance has a lot of influences from the Latin American areas. This dance is often seen as a courting dance and has hip movements that are pretty suggestive with the top part staying still.

tango dancing 1

tango dancing 2

tango dancing 3

Tango: A dance form from Argentina  and areas nearby this dance form is again something that is considered an almost intimate and intertwined form of courtship albeit on the dance floor.

tap dancing 1

tap dancing 2

tap dancing 3

Tap: As the very name suggests, this is a dance that is done by tapping the feet on which you have to wear special shoes to create the tapping noise that characterizes this dance form.


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