Gorgeous And Grand Graphite Art That Will Leave You Gasping

When it comes to art, there are so many mediums and types that they can encompass a huge array of work. In this article, we will take you through some points around graphite art. Graphite pencils as opposed to ordinary writing pencils has a graphite lead that makes it easier to draw. As you may be aware if you are into arts, that drawing is the most basic of the visual arts with many artists struggling to do it right. Drawing in art is not only about observing the object that you are trying to draw but also the way light and shadow that plays on it and understanding it from your perspective. You can always resort to easy step by step art drawings to practice before going on to more complicated stuff.

graphite art 1

graphite art 2

graphite art 3

graphite art 5

The next logical step would be to go on to some excellent observational drawing ideas to take it to the next level. After this step, you could go on to start doing art that you fancy of objects that are simply lying around. If you then want, you can do something as outrageous or adventurous as amazing anime drawings and Manga faces.

graphite art 6

graphite art 8

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graphite art 10

Here Are Some Of The Major Advantages Of Attempting Graphite Art Even If You Are An Expert In The World Of Art:

Shades and depth: When an artist wants to create a work of art, he or she would like to do things that they have not done before. Graphite art can help you give your work some depth such as what you have not seen before. There are ways in which you can shade the work of art that you may not be able to do with other mediums at least not in the same way. This makes the work of art you are working on unique and really different.

graphite art 11

graphite art 12

graphite art 13

graphite art 16

Textures and shapes: Many artists wish to add textures to a flat surface and that too without adding any other substance to the work of art. What this means is that the artist wants to create a shape or texture only using the medium he or she is working with. When you master the use of graphite, you will find that this is indeed possible to do but it may take some practice and skill to get it right. Though many think that since graphite is quite monochromatic and thereby boring will turn out to be anything but.

graphite art 17

graphite art 18

graphite art 19

graphite art 20

Carving and whittling too: Graphite is not only used by artists to draw, shade and recreate some images on to a surface but also be used to actually carve interesting bits and pieces out of. You would be amazed at how creatively artists have used graphite to create lovely works of art. Some people use thick bits of graphite to whittle out shapes from it. some people actually use the whole graphite pencil including the wood and the graphite lead.

graphite art 23

graphite art 24

graphite art 25

graphite art 26

Different look: The whole point of being creative with art is to try different things and this is one that we can promise with the use of graphite pencils. It is definitely different from the usual paintings and drawings that you produce using different types of paints and pencils.

graphite art 28

graphite art 29

graphite art 30

graphite art 32

If you are seeking ideas on how to go about mastering this grand and gorgeous graphite art, then you can look at the images that we have provided here. These will give you a starting point for you to get started on. Once you have a grip on the possibilities and potential, we are sure ideas will just start flowing and you will be able to do a lot.


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