One More Form Of Art Using Wood – Paint On It!

Mother Nature in all her bounty is the best artist of all and this is a fact that even the cynics among us will not deny. Along with being an artist par excellence, Mother Nature has also been generous by providing us inspiration and raw materials for our creative instinct. Take wood for instance – not only is wood awesome in its raw and processed forms, but also acts as a raw material for works of art. While people are more familiar with wood carving and wood sculpting, that painting on wood is another way to become an artist, is a thought that does not occur to many. While we cannot really claim that painting on wood is an original thought, it is something that is not though of much. Painting on wood could be among the top ideas on woodwork for the satisfaction of working with your hands.

painting on wood 1

painting on wood 2

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There are many forms of wood that are representations of art by Mother Nature like driftwood – raw beauty waiting to be discovered and that you can use to try your creative ideas on. When you start painting on wood, then we suggest you to look up some suggestions from cool wood wall ideas you’ll actually love to get a direction for your projects.

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When it comes to painting on wood, you have to do some preparations in order to ensure that the end results are the way you want them to be.

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First of all, you have to consider that wood is a natural material and likely to have some contusions and unevenness on the surface. This means that the surface may not take the paint as you wish it to sit. This means that you have to prepare the surface in such a way to ensure that the wood is smooth and apt for the paint you are going to daub on it. This could mean that you have to polish the surface with sandpaper and in some instances even apply a layer on the wood to make it smoother.

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The second aspect is that you have to take into account the kind of wood you are going to be using not only in terms of the color of the wood but also the other qualities of the wood in question. What is more, you can also paint in such a way that you use the features of the wood as part of the artwork you are trying to create.

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It would be a good idea to lay on a layer of primer paint on to the wood so that you can make the paint look the way it should. Once you have painted the wood in question, it is a good idea to let the first layer of paint dry before you paint another layer. Once you are done painting, you can apply a clear layer to seal the paint on after letting all the other layers dry completely.

painting on wood 22

painting on wood 23

If you are painting on a piece of wood just for the sake of using as a showpiece, it is a good idea to etch the design into the surface of the wood and then paint the colors in. this way the paint will settle more firmly on the surface of the wood. The reason we do not recommend this for wood furniture that you will sit on or use otherwise, is because the crevices may make using the furniture a bit uncomfortable.

painting on wood 24

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We are sure that once you look at the images of the wood painting possibilities that we have given here, you will be eager to try some of your own.


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