What Is String Based Art? Read To Know More!

Have you ever wondered what is the source of art? Is it the wonderful and varied raw materials that are used? Alternatively, is it the various interesting and ingenuous tools that are used to create the works of art? Alternatively, do we give credit to Mother Nature for all the loveliness around us? Alternatively, do we credit technology and visual media for triggering your artistic urge? Yes, all these factors do deserve due credit but we also have to thank one more factor for giving us the joy of such diverse art – your creativity. Yes, if not for creativity, how else do you give credence for something like string that helps us creates works of art? You should explore the art of creating beauty with thread work if you want to know the full extent of string based art.

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Here we are not talking about tatting and the art of adding lace like patterns to clothing around the home but about using just string and pins to create art. This form of art using string and pins to create artistic patterns is pretty simple and definitely does not need equipment like the ones you learn that are used for the art of weaving and some interesting aspects of it.

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This is one of the art forms that is very easy to try and does not mean that you need to be all that skilful or possessing of artistic talents to do this. In fact, all you need is the simple supplies that are required to get started, a steady hand, some patterns and a good mind to keep following the instructions.

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First and foremost, decide on what work of art you are going to create and what it is going to be used for before you start buying the supplies. In case, you are making earrings or something like that using string then your approach would have to be deciding on the color combination for your earrings and the frame you will have to create to make them.

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But if it is a display piece of art that you are working on, then you will need to collect the following:

A surface that is firm enough to hold the work of art but soft enough to put nails or pins into

Then you will need the actual pattern that you want to create, which can either be a set pattern that you can trace out or draw freehand.

The colored string or strings that you are going to use to create the string art that you are planning to do.

The pretty pins or nails you will use to create the pattern on which you will be running the thread around on.

Once all these things are set, you can pick out the surface and start by drawing out the pattern that you want done. This can be easily traced out instead of actually drawing it.

Then you can start inserting the pins or hammering them in as the case may be. But you have to be careful to make sure that the pressure that you use on the pins or nails is not so much that it looks uneven. This is very important to ensure that the end result of your artwork comes out the way it should. Then start wrapping the string around the nail or pin and keep going to make a pattern that looks neat and pretty.

string based art 21

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It would be a good idea for you to sit and plan the way the artwork would look so that you can run the string in an organized pattern that looks good when you finish.


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