Use Those Colored Pencils To Sketch Your Imagination

When you sit down to think of life in general, you will come up with one theory and that is what goes around, comes around. That is why as we grow up in life and evolve towards better and more complicated things, we tend to look back at the very things we were running away from, with a lot of longing. This is the truth and it applies to the artistic side of life too. That is why you have adults seeking out the simpler aspects of art like beautiful drawing pencil sketches and art examples. The use of pencils in creating art is something that we longed to leave behind but we often go back to this when we grow up.

colored pencil art 1

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If you believe that we are exaggerating, then all you have to do is look at stunning ballerina drawings and sketches to be convinced. You can use colored pencils to create all sorts of beautiful doodle art ideas.

colored pencil art 5

Learn how to draw Jelly Bean“(Image above) by Karen Hull with step by step with instruction from the artist herself Here.

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Colored pencils are a reminder of the great time we had as children coloring art books and giving vent to our artistic creativity. This was probably the base for our artistic choices later on in life. Having said that, we also wish to point out while the essence of this art of drawing with colored pencils remains the same, the grown up version can be really different.

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To start with, the pencils used for this kind of serious artwork are more advanced to produce good work. The kind of colored pencils that you can use as a grownup are light resistant. You will also find that sharpening them to a sharper point to draw the finer lines is very much possible with this quality of colored pencils. The way they feel and the way they move is also much better than the colored pencils that you used as a child.

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You have to admit that producing works of art using colored pencils does have many advantages. The whole outfit that you need for creating such work is easier to carry as it involves no liquids unlike when you use paints. You don’t need thinner or a palette to mix the colors or rags to clean the mess or even have to go through a long process of cleaning the costly brushes to ensure that they last a longer time. What is more, you need not even wait for long when you are using colored pencils, as you would have to for the paint to dry when you use paints.

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There is no doubt that you have to learn a bit more about the quality of pencils that work for creating such advanced works of art and the finer nuances of shading as this is different from the way you did it as a child. Even sharpening the pencils for colored pencil art can be very different but it is not as if it is impossible to grasp. There are some basic techniques that you will need to master to be able to draw well with colored pencils.

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The first of the techniques is called stippling, which is essentially placing small dots close to each other with the pencil. Hatching is a series of parallel lines that you draw close to one another. Cross hatching is a technique that involves drawing parallel lines in one direction and another in the opposite direction to form small square like patterns. Back and forth, strokes is very similar to the way you used to draw as a kid. Scumbling is a technique again similar to the one you used as a kid to fill in color in a circular way.


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