Social Media Is The Next Form Of Art

When it comes to social media, everyone has an opinion and it is not always good but the truth remains that social media is here and it is going to stay. Then the next question that comes to mind is what does social media have to do with art? Actually, when you think about it, social media could have a large part in the world of art. First of all when you think of ways for making money from art and some tips to get started, you will find that social media could play a big part in this. Second of all when it comes to advertising your skills are writing, then having attitude status about me on social media would help display your skills at writing for the world to see.

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Likewise, art concepts like beautiful doodle art ideas do better and get more mileage and exposure when they are put on social media. It is a good way for people to see what you are capable of creating and providing their inputs on it. In fact you will find that it works not only as a form of advertising for your work but also provides you a means of improving the work you are already doing and making it more commercially viable.

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While purists may argue that social media has a way of corrupting the purity of art and the value of the artist by providing too much exposure, you have to understand that even artists need to earn a living in order to survive. Social media, when you look at it from this point of view is an art form that allows even people of limited artistic skills to put their work in front of the public and also allow them to possibly capitalize on this.

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What is more, today more and more corporates are making use of social media to make their presence known and to engage their customers. To do this, social media needs to be approached more from the artistic point of view than anything else. There is an art to using social media to grab the interest of those who visit and then keep them engaged. It is this very aspect that takes social media from just being a platform for interaction and takes it to the level of art. Just to boost up the profile you can also buy cheap Instagram Likes Initially, then, easily enjoy the natural likes and followers afterwards.

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By definition, art means something that appeals to the senses and if you take social media by this definition, then it definitely qualifies. It is indeed an art form to take the minutiae of someone’s life and make it seem interesting to others. What is more, unlike pure art, where the artist needs to have immense amount of skill and talent to even have a chance at exposure, social media is more forgiving of people with lesser talents.

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In fact, the fact is social media takes people with simple talents and makes them into artists in the view of the world by providing a platform for displaying these skills.  One can easily see the point of view that makes social media as an art form when you look at the examples on Pinterest where even the mundane has been effectively converted to the divine. This gives people even possessing minimal talent use these platforms smartly to make their skills known.

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There is no doubt that there is a lot of debate when it comes accepting social media as an art form and while we are very far from complete acceptance of this, it is equally difficult to deny it completely. After all, art is not something that comes with a definite and rigid definition.


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