40 Attitude Status About Me

When it comes to social media, it has become important that you have a persona that rocks and makes you look amazing and to do that you need some good images and good words. For images you can seek inspiration from creative self-portrait ideas. As far as the words that depict the real you, many people seek inputs from articles that have quotations or punchy lines. You could seek some inputs from articles like quotes on karma that will get you thinking.

attitiude status looking at social media

But when it comes to expressing your inner attitude, you need that extra bit of inspiration to have people read it, grin at it and even repost it. So another way to go about it would be to quotes to make you smile as your quota of inspiration or use some that are given here.

Here Are Some Attitude Status That Could Show The World The Real Me:

You need not have it to flaunt it.

Make believe is the right step to make others believe.


If you are able to make someone jealous of you, then feel smug because you are glorious.

Life is not about climbing high, but about not falling off often.

If you have no messages on your phone it means that your friends are doing something serious for a change.

attitude status drapes

If you have to change, make sure you have closed the drapes.

It is not about how you are when you win a bet, but how strong you are when the loser tries to beat you up.

If failing makes people stronger, then I am the strongest.

It is not about recovering from failure but about how well you are able to hiding it from your parents.

attitude status school

Schooling is not only about learning, but learning how to survive being one of the crowd without losing your individuality.

If life hands you rotten eggs then throw them on your enemies.

Life is going to be uncertain and that is why you shouldn’t be.

attitude status babies

Babies know how to live; eat, poop, sleep and be cuddled; what else do you need to make life rock?

I can and I will; this is the motto of most people, mine is I can’t but I still will.

Technology is not so great when your girlfriend has multiple ways to dump you.

If we all have one life, why are we so serious about it?

attitude status bear

In my next life I will be a bear – hairy, fat, sleep half my life and still be considered hot.

Life is not about how you behave when you are happy but how you don’t misbehave when you are not.

If people were given grades, I would be A++++.

happy guy

Do not think about what you don’t have, but do enjoy what you have.

Think not about how great the latest gadgets are, but about the minds behind them.

If everyone was brilliant then no one would be special and that is why I am not.

attitude status books

Rocks are for throwing not for rocking, books are for reading not for booking, and fields are for cultivating not for fielding… it is also confusing

It is only when you lose something that you realize you loved it.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then I should love my lost grades.

I am brave because I want to be.

Cool is when you keep your nerves calm not when you do something funny.

attitude status having a drink

A balanced does not mean balancing chips on the one hand and your drink on the other.

If cats could talk they would be sarcastic.

If everyone thought about how animals would treat us if there were a role reversal we would be kind to them.

A joke is a poke in disguise.

smiling guy 2

A smile brightens more than your face; it makes the atmosphere around you lighter too.

Bravery is facing your girlfriend’s father when you are late bringing her back home.

Abstinence leads to excess and persistence leads to success so does persistent abstinence lead to excess success?

attitude status man thinking

Be thankful that every thought you have does not come true as it would be the root of all confusions.

Wisdom lies cool and calm manner not it bursts of activity.

Every lie has a basis in wishful thinking.

Soon to be released – me with more attitude.

The key to happiness is to ignore the negative attitudes of most people around you.

If you believe you can, then you should.


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