40 Inspirational Quotes About Self-confidence

Confidence is the main thing that keeps a man or woman moving ahead in their life. Those who lack confidence in their own self are likely to not get the best things in life. It is natural for most people to go through a patch in life, when a person lacks self-confidence. This could be due to several factors like a loss or a bad event or due to a breakup, which makes them doubt everything around them primarily due to loss of self-confidence. Often at such times, you will find that friends will get together and try to bolster your confidence with funny quotes about friendship to keep your confidence going and keep you smiling.



The key to being happy and satisfied lies in whether you have self-confidence or not. To that end having a supply of quotes about being happy will also help you keep your self-confidence up! Even the most talented or the best-looking person will not shine if they do not have self-confidence, a fact that has been driven home in the world of movies.



Inspirational Quotes About Self-confidence:



The best cosmetics in the world cannot add to your looks if you lack the self-confidence to carry it off

What is success but the outer manifestation of your inner self-confidence?

If you want to empower someone, the best thing you can do is help them develop self-confidence.



Often the ladder to success is made up of rungs of self-confidence in increments

The key to a good life is good health , energy and a healthy dose of self-confidence

The mistake that people often make is mistaking overconfidence for self-confidence

If one has to deal with arrogance the best antidote for this is confidence in the self

A lesson that life can teach you is nothing is that effective when you lack self confidence.



The whole world would benefit from having self confidence as part of the syllabus in schools

The thing to remember is that you are the author of your life and do not let anyone else erase the part about self-confidence.

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A laugh at the wrong time, a derisive look at the wrong time and contempt for someone, these are all weapons of destruction for self-confidence.

Unlike a talent for singing, dancing or painting, self confidence is something that can be developed

A child gets a proper upbringing only when self-confidence is developed along with other things.

The thing to remember about self-confidence is that only you can develop or destroy it.



If you want to help someone, take care never to say anything that takes away anything from their self-confidence

A smile feeds self confidence and a frown deflates self confidence

Most success stories have their foundation in a healthy dose of hard work and self-confidence.

Nobody who has made a success of themselves is ever quoted as saying that they had no confidence in themselves and they still made it

A calm mind and a hardworking demeanor add to your store of self-confidence.



Self confidence is the steering wheel of the vehicle of your life

The path to true friendship lies in never undermining your friends’ self-confidence

The value of a good relationship lies in how much confidence you gain from it.

A firm foundation of your child’s life comes from building his or her confidence.



Like a building cannot be built on a liquid foundation, a good life cannot be built on a foundation that lacks confidence

Good thoughts and a calm mind along with hard work forms the base for building confidence.



The thing about self-confidence is that it can be as fragile as glass or as indestructible as a hard diamond, depending on who is destroying it.

The best way to take revenge on someone is by destroying their self-confidence

Take away a person’s wealth and they may still recover but take away their confidence and they are destroyed forever.

The antidote to slipping self-confidence is conviction in one’s beliefs and plenty of hard work.

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Just like you cannot imagine an acrobat without a sense of balance, the same way you cannot imagine a success without self-confidence

It is often the single element of self-confidence that lends wings to your dreams and aspirations.



If you can visualize the path to success, there will be several steps, but self-confidence will be the railing that you will hold on to as you climb them all.

A person stands taller, a person looks brighter when they have the support of self-confidence to back them up

Never was a battle lost when the people fighting it are full of confidence

No matter what is lost, a person will make it to the top when they have confidence on their side.



If you are able to weather the storms of life, then thank your parents for helping build your confidence   in yourself.

Arrogance and ignorance can only be overcome with confidence.

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Along with medication and good care,  infusing self confidence in the patient about their powers of recovery will help them deal with the worst health problems

A leap in faith comes when you show confidence in your own convictions

If a person is constantly seeking approval, then you will find that underlying that is a complete lack of self-confidence.


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