40 Funny Quotes About Friendship

Friends are the relatives that we choose to have in our lives, unlike actual relatives who are in your life by chance and you have no say in this matter. That is one of the reasons that friends and friendships are so highly valued. It goes without saying that this important relationship that forms a major part of our lives through the various stages we go through from childhood to old age. In fact quotes and sayings come in handy all the time like knowing what to say as New Year quotes that you can use in cards etc.

There are quotations for many occasions and also from other cultures. In fact some of the best Chinese sayings have been used as tattoos, for both the way they look and for the meaning that they convey. Of course some of the best are the quotes about being happy as everyone aims for happiness. However here we will look at quotes about friendship. These can have the whole range from being sentimental to being outright funny. But no matter what sentiment they express, the thing is if a saying is about friendship then it is going to touch your heart.

Here are some Funny Quotes About Friendship to make you smile, laugh, cry and sigh:



A friend in need can be a real pain in the neck

If your friends are like you, then they have really good taste

There is no age for making a good friend and that is why friendship has no age

If you have one friend to call your own at the end of a difficult time then you are a success.



Think of this – every time you help a friend, you are making an investment in the future

Sometimes it is better to have one good friend than a thousand acquaintances

If there is one thing that is beyond all barriers it is friendship

You can know how good your friendship is by looking at the way you can laugh over the same things.

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The best part about friends and friendships is the way most things are left unsaid but completely understood

A good friendship is when you don’t feel the need to keep in touch all the time but still can feel comfortable

The comfort of true friends is not in the way they talk to each other but in the way they read each other’s silence

Friendships are not bound by jealousy, envy or possessiveness.




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