Art Of Making Jewelry – Know About It!

We have talked about art from almost anything; from the mundane to the divine. There have been artistic forms that have used things that are lying around and there has been art from the most precious of materials. In this article, we will look at the actual process of the art of making jewelry. It is true that many people do not think of jewelry as art but actually, there is a lot of artistic thought and skills that go into the making of beautiful jewelry. One only has to look at Faberge eggs – some fabulous and fantastic facts about them to realize how much of an art that making jewelry is. Though strictly speaking Faberge eggs are not jewels that you wear, they are jewels nevertheless.

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Of course, there is art with precious and semi precious gemstones that can put a glitter on anyone’s face. On the other hand you have the simple but nevertheless appealing art of how to use beads on clothing and jewelry.

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There are many aspects of the art of making jewelry that we never give much thought to and that is the reason we give some of the steps below:

Designing: The art of making jewelry starts from the thinking process where a design is envisioned and then drawn. One of the main things about designing jewelry for the process of making jewelry is to consider the practical aspects too. Which includes the kind of metal that will be used in relation to the stones being used. It is important to get these things right so that the final piece of jewelry that comes out is long lasting.

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Costing: The art of making jewelry can be costly especially when you consider that many good pieces of jewelry are made from precious metals like silver, gold and platinum. Often the addition of pearls, ivory, crystals, precious and semi precious stones adds another dimension to the cost. Which means the art of making jewelry has to be really rooted in practicality. One has to weigh in the fact of whether it would appeal to people and whether they can afford to buy it.

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Casting and making: Only once you have gone through the grind with these aspects of the art of making jewelry can you actually get into it. This could either mean making a cast for the hot metal to be poured in and/or using tools to put the jewels together. The art of making jewelry is quite a tough one and you have the learn the technicalities of how much to eat the metal, how to set the stones and about how to create links and many other such aspects.

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Polishing and finishing: Once you have the piece of jewelry is completely done, you will find that the piece will have to be finished to look smoother. You may also need to polish the piece so that the luster of the metal and the stones come through. The finishing process will have to ensure that any rough edges and not so symmetrical bits are evened out.

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As you can see the art of making jewelry is one that not only requires a lot of imagination to visualize how the piece is eventually going to turn out, but also the fact that you have to have the skills and know how to make the piece into reality. What is more, you will also have to be practical enough to consider the costs of making it and also figure out how to price it. Is it then any wonder that jewelry is highly priced and valued?


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