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40 Quotes To Make You Smile – Here Is Your Quota Of Inspiration

All you need is to look at a flower in full bloom to know that miracles do occur and that too on a daily basis

If you feel that you have a tough life, then imagine spending a day in the life of a traffic policeman

Just imagine a life where your pets could talk back

Remember, every story does not have to have a good or bad ending, it can be a work in progress

Sometimes it makes sense to let things pan out the way they are for some peace of mind

It does not matter what you do in life, it makes sense to remember that you are always the hero/heroine of your life

Only you decide what your mood is going to be.

Babies are born to make you realize how you can still survive without sleeping

People say death is the great social leveler but we believe a squalling baby does a better job of that.

If beer where meant to be drunk in moderation then it wouldn’t be served in kegs

Hangovers are nature’s way to make you stop drinking all the time.

Treat your life with the nurturing care you would give to your garden – water, weed and provide nourishment

If water is the life source for your body, good thoughts are life source of your soul.

Always look at life as a movie and yourself as the director to get a feel of being in control

Purity of heart is a virtue that may not be highly valued but it is something that will increase your value in your own eyes

If we had a mute button for people, then things would be better for all concerned

If you believe people will let you down, then it is likely they will, if you believe in them, they are likely not to

Life can have surprises and shocks and which are the ones you get depends on how you take it

A comedy  movie has the same effect as a happy pill but without the side effects.