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20 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

Stay at home in pajamas: Tired of working and always having a busy life? Then stay at home in your most comfortable pajamas, while others take care of your whims and fancies.

Fill your home with balloons: Go back to childhood and fill your home with colorful balloons on your birthday. It will make you feel amazing.

Ride a motorcycle: Always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but did not dare to? Then become the daredevil on your birthday and take a ride with ample instructions and protection.

Go for a trek: Pay a visit to nature by taking a trek to a place that you have always wanted to visit. Make a celebration of it.

Record a song: Most of us want to record a song. Never mind that our voices are nowhere near to perfection. On your birthday, simply go for it and get that song recording done.

Most of the things we have given above are a matter of personal choice and should be done after taking due precautions.