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30 Sexy Examples of Hatsune Miku Cosplay – Enjoy Knowing More About This!

As you may know Hatsune Miku is actually persona that is humanoid and the voice for this is provided by singing synthesizer. The thing is this vocaloid is shown as a teenage girl having turquoise hair. As many of you may be aware this is something that is really catching on in the world of youngsters. Cosplay is basically getting dressed up in the way a favorite cartoon or anime character is dressed up.

Put these together and you have trend that is as popular as the catchy ankle tattoo designs for girls. This is almost an art form like the one that involves mini sculptures that keep you inspired.

Here Is How You Go About For Hatsune Miku Cosplay: - –

Getting the dress right: This may turn out to be an expensive exercise but then you need to put together a tank top colored gray, black knee length boots and a skirt colored black and blue.

Get the hair done: You could either invest in a wig and make up pigtails or simply arrange your hair in the manner you want it to look like and spray on blue color of the sort that will come in the shower.

Fix the eyes: Get blue colored contacts so that your eyes look the part too. Many people may not think it absolutely necessary but it is, if you want to look the part.