Vintage Crochet Patterns: How Pretty They Are Even Today!

Tablecloths, doilies etc: The use of vintage crochet is used in the making of tablecloths that are edged with intricate crochet adornment. Likewise doilies, covers for sofa sets and other things can also be created using the crochet hook.

As you can see crochet was used in a very versatile manner to create things that were of practical use for people to wear as well as adornment of the home.

If you are planning on crocheting using these vintage patterns, here are some pointers to keep you in the right direction:

  • Start with a smaller project and you will be easily able to master it. The edging of a table cloth or something smaller like a table doily will easily work
  • Always remember that crochet is not like tatting and you can undo the work that has not gone according to pattern and redo it again.
  • If you are working with delicate and silky threads for your vintage crochet projects, do make it a point to wash your hands before starting. If possible wear some gloves to ensure that the thread does not get discolored due to constant touching.
  • Once you know the right places to source your supplies, you will find that crocheting will take care of your gifting needs. It can work out to be quite economical and the gifts will be well appreciated.
  • Crocheting a sweater in wool is easier than knitting it as the work progresses much faster, but do follow the pattern.

Once you follow these basic guidelines, you will find that the scope for creating stuff with crochet is endless.


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