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20 New Maori Tribal Tattoos Design Ideas

If you find yourself being attracted to Maori Tribal tattoo designs, which is understandable, here is a process that you can adopt to pick the right one:

  • Learn a little about the culture of Maoris so that you know the significance of the tattoo design that you are going with. We will take you through a brief history of tattooing processes and history in this culture. The tattoo that a person got in a particular tribe marked a significant event in the person’s life. There was a story to each tattoo. Plus the tattoo technique used by the Maori was more to do with cutting into the skin than putting ink into the layers of the skin. It was done using bones and tools. In the Maori culture a person had to have entered a significant stage in their life or achieved something to get a tattoo. The tattoo areas were different for each gender. Not only was tattooing a part of decorating your body, it was also deeply embedded into their very culture.
  • The next step would be deciding on the why, the where and what? You need to be clear why you want to get  a Maori tribal tattoo. Is it because you like the look of it or does it mean anything deeper? Once you are clear in your thoughts behind getting this intriguing and intricate Maori Tribal tattoo, then it is time to decide where the tattoo is going to be. For this you need to think on a practical level too. Many popular Maori tattoo designs are for the whole sleeves. It looks lovely, but you need to see how it impacts your work and social life. Then once you are through with thinking of where you are going to get the tattoo, do some research on the designs. You may also talk to the tattoo artist you are going to work with to do some changes in a design to make it more customized and personal.
  • Think time and money commitment: A tattoo is not just about the design, the motivation and location. It is also about committing a significant amount of time and money to this project.  Do think of these aspects along with the pain that has to be endured and the amount of post tattoo care that you have to provide.