30 Bad Ass Tiger Tattoo Designs

Tiger Tattoo Designs are one of my favorite. If you happen to love tattoos and you have one or contemplating getting one, then you would know that there are some tattoos that enjoy immense popularity. Many people believe that the tattoo that they get should be one of a kind and they even design it themselves. There are those who go for animal based tattoos as it means something to them or says something about them.In any case tattoo designs with the tiger as the central theme in them have become quite popular. The tiger is both a wild and a beautiful looking animal. The animal has the ideal sort of coloring to make it a subject for tattoo designs. The stripes of orange or yellow with black can really make a visual impact. What is more it is a dangerous animal, one whose aura tends to make it both fearful and fascinating.

Given this, there are numerous reasons why people chose a tiger as their tattoo design.

  • Some may pick it out to show that they are as physically powerful and athletic as the tiger
  • Many people may simply opt for a tiger tattoo simply because they liked to be addressed by the nickname tiger themselves.
  • Other symbolic reasons could be that the person getting it may think of himself or herself as a fighter who survives all odds just like the tiger does in the jungle
  • Since this huge jungle cat is also known to be incredibly seductive and virile. One may choose this tattoo to depict that.

Apart from the reasons that one may get a tiger tattoo, there is the question of where and how you place it and the type of tattoo design that you choose. With the tiger as the central part of your tattoo, the choices are huge, picturesque and interesting. Plus the design is such that you can make it as detailed as you want it. Depending on where you get the tattoo you may go for the pose of the tiger. Based on your preference and budget you may pick the design that works for you.

Tiger Tattoo Designs


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