Sun Loving Plants that Require Direct Light

Indoor house plants add so much rich texture and color to any room in the home if you can correctly care for them. We’ve listed the top sun-loving plants.

Bringing the outdoors into your home using house plants not only brightens your living space full of color, but it also improves your health by filtering the air.

And while bringing foliage into your home seems like a brilliant idea, not all plants can survive indoors.

Using the sunniest spots in your home to soak up those rays using plants that love a lot of sunlight and require little maintenance is your best chance of success.

Check out these sun loving plants that will turn your room into an oxygen-filled paradise. 

Sago Palm

This palm relative sets the mood to tropical but stays miniature at a max of 2 feet. It fits perfectly into any corner of a sunroom that stays quite hot and humid.

This is one of those small house plants that will keep cleaning to a minimum. It doesn’t produce any flowers and does not lose its leaves. However, keep children and pets away from it as the leaves are extremely toxic.

Snake Plant

Some direct sunlight plants are a beauty to look at. The tongue-shaped design of the snake plant is no different.

Depending on the species, they can grow between one to eight feet tall. But, no matter the size, this plant is tough. With thick leaves, the ancient Chinese believed it to withhold the godlike characteristics of strength and longevity. 

It also provides homeowners with an unbelievable ability to remove toxins from the air like formaldehyde.


If you are looking for plants that like full sun and your home has a southwestern decor then cacti can’t be forgotten.

Cactus soak up the sun without the need for much water. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and blooming flowers.

The only thing that can withstand more sun than a cactus is a solar panel. The solar panel cost pays for itself when you utilize the sun’s energy. And you can use the energy saved to keep your desert friend warm in the winter.


The best plants for full sun bring out the best flowers. And the more sun the hibiscus plant receives the bigger and brighter the flowers.

While the rewards are high, this lovely plant requires a little work. They need a potassium-rich diet and a moderate amount of water. 

This is also one of those sun plants that need pinching to remain compact, otherwise, it will spread wide. 

Aloe Vera

Your own personal medicine cabinet awaits when you bring an aloe vera plant into your home. They are easy to grow and share with friends as they become abundant.

Just break off a piece and you will find oozing aloe to treat burns, rashes, small cuts.

Decorate with Sun Loving Plants

Choosing sun loving plants for their sun-soaking ability doesn’t have to be their only function. You can pick certain plants to suit your decor and even match your furniture.

Start by thinking about the pots and containers that you will use. They can tie a room together using color, texture, shape, and theme. 


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