5 Ways to Make Your Small Space Look and Feel Larger

Decorating a small space in your home can be a challenge, whether you try to do it on your own or if you work with a Malibu interior designer. You want to make the most of the space you have, but you don’t want to sacrifice style or purpose. Luckily, you have plenty of options to include both form and function in your home. Here are just five ways you can make your small space have a big impact.

  1. Go Vertical

What you lack in square footage you can make up for in wall space, so don’t be afraid to use any vertical area in your room. Shelves can go higher than a traditional bookcase, making the small space feel larger while offering a bit more storage.

  1. Double Duty

Look for furniture pieces that double as storage units to keep your clutter to a minimum. Ottomans, coffee tables, or end tables that have hidden storage can be a great place to stash remote controls, spare glasses, or even mail, if you don’t forget where you put them! 

  1. Clear Reflections

Mirrors have been used by interior designers in Santa Monica for a long time to make a small space feel larger, but other options include glass or Lucite tables, lamps, and other accessories to open up a space. 

  1. Long Legs

Opt for furniture on legs rather than upholstery that goes to the ground. Sofas and chairs on legs offer a view to the floor, while skirted furniture and heavy end tables that sit on the floor can look and feel more claustrophobic.

  1. See the Light

A pale, neutral palette can make any space feel larger and more open, so stick with off-whites, light grays, or tans to keep your small room inviting. You may also want to minimize window treatments to let lots of natural light come in. 

When you incorporate some of these strategies, your small space can feel warm and inviting rather than tight and cramped. Christine Markatos Design can also give you suggestions to expand your room beyond its limited dimensions. 


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