Top Ideas About Lantern Décor From Artist Terry Crews

Lanterns are beautiful decorative elements that add a touch of elegance to your homes. Regardless of where you decide to put the lanterns, they brighten up the ambiance of a room. Besides, the good thing about lanterns is that they also perfectly suited to a number of spaces in the home. You can keep them at one corner of the console, at the center of the table, or over your deck, they will look equally stunning in all scenarios. They do not even need much of an add-on in the form of embellishments and can look really lovely even if they are kept on their own. However, it is not like you can hang a lantern anywhere and be done with it.

There are some factors that you must keep in mind if you are planning to beautify your space with lanterns:

Lantern Décor From Artist Terry Crews

Check the Background

While you pick up your candles and lanterns, consider the background that you will be putting them up against. For instance, if your lantern has an ocean-theme to it, make sure you put it against an off-white or light blue background. The point is to make it blend into the surrounding and not to stand out as if you have put it there just for the sake of it. When you put in a lantern that suits the surroundings, you enhance the look of the space where you have put it.

Decorating a Lantern Your Way

You can decorate the lanterns whichever way you want and you need not be an accomplished artist to do that. Decorating a lantern is the easiest thing ever. For instance, in case of the ocean-themed lantern, you can put in things like shells or sand at the bottom to make it look more interesting. According to artist terry crews, you can even attach starfish decorations on the body of the lantern and you are good to go. Make especially themed lanterns for the celebrations like Christmas or New Year by attaching bells and Christmas tree twigs to it. Get a candle without any pre-set decorations to make it a canvas for your work. Wrap some fairy lights around the lantern for an elegant look. Even a simple red ribbon tied at the bottom of the candle is enough to jazz up the look.

Keep It Simple to Look Beautiful

A lantern by itself is the center of attraction in any space that you put it in. So, not much additional embellishment is needed to make the lantern look beautiful. Simplicity works the best when it comes to selecting and decorating candles. A white candle in a lantern that has intricate golden carvings on the edges is one of the classics that are never going to go out of style when it comes to home décor. In fact, when you are in doubt, resort to a white candle and you will be instantly brightening up space.

Choosing the Candle Right

Nowadays there are so many types of candles available in the market that you will be flooded with ideas when it comes to candles. You can choose between faux candles or real candles according to your budget and the look of the space where you are putting it. Go for colorful candles in shades like orange, yellow, and pink and keep the lantern simple in design. However, if you are going for a colorful lantern, you better keep the candle in white or beige shades.

I hope some more Latern Ideas will surely help you.

Now that you have all the necessary ideas about lanterns at your fingertips, go ahead and decorate your living space with these pretty add-ons.


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