Leo And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Life And Lust

Is there anyway water and fire can get along with each other? And as you read this, please realize that we are not just asking this question but leading up to something specific with this. We are talking about two of the most intriguing zodiac signs; Scorpio and Leo, with the former representing water and the latter representing fire. When you look at it from the elemental point of view, then you will realize there are two distinct possibilities. One is that the water will put down the fire or the fire will boil the water. Which means that the relationship between these two signs could heat up to become very interesting or just not take off at all but there is definitely going to be a lot of interesting turn of events. It would therefore be sensible to know your zodiac signs and their meanings when you are launching into such a romance. It is good to take a good hard look at Leo and Scorpio compatibility in love, life and lust.

We don’t know about the couple in love, but watching them fall in love and move about finding their groove in love, would be as interesting as wonderfully fluid watercolor ballerina art. We are saying this here because this relationship is nothing less than dance and drama. In fact, some of the hardcore romantics have known to compare the Leo and Scorpio compatibility in love, life and lust with breathtaking vistas of nature.

Leo And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Life And Lust

First of all, both the signs have their own brand of attraction with Leo flaunting royal looks and Scorpio emitting deep sexual vibes. When the both meet, they are going to generate a lot of lustful vibrations. Which means that their love life will have a lot of interesting and worthwhile erotic twists. There will be no doubt of the wonderful chemistry in bed.

But love for both is another ballgame as it has to be accompanied by a lot of trust, intelligence, shared values and interests. All this is topped with the need of each of these signs to dominate, which means that the love between the two will flourish, only if they learn to compromise. But surprisingly, some of the areas that they will click is in the areas of intelligence as neither can tolerate fools, honesty as both valued it and shared values as both have a strong value system.

But the Scorpio is a bit intense and reserved in the way they interact with others and tend to be choosy about his or her social life. The Leo is larger than life and like the royalty that he or she represents basks in the presence of his or her subjects. And his or her social life has to be outgoing and fun.

To have a life together, the Leo and the Scorpio will have to compromise with the Leo learning to spend quite intimate evenings in an intimate atmosphere and the Scorpio learning to be more outgoing and social. But the saving grace is that both of them are interesting people with more depth than others which means they will not be bored. And this works in their favor as neither can stand being bored.

We are not saying that they will not fight; they will with the Leo never getting why the Scorpio is withdrawn when angry and the Scorpio will be annoyed that the Leo never acknowledges that he or she is always right. But through all this back and forth, they will respect each other and their incredible sexual chemistry will help the making up process.

But both are possessive and love intensely which means that they will be willing to die for the other and this will cement their relationship only when they perceive this quality about each other, which may take some time to do so.


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